Zero hour: White smoke from the Russian embassy in Kiev – Dramatic increase of Russian forces on the border

T-90 tanks – Strong Russian reinforcements

Everything shows that we have entered the final stretch of Russian aggression. Ukrainian security services have spotted white smoke coming out of the Russian embassy in Kiev.

According to the Ukrainian security authorities, the staff of the Russian embassy is destroying secret documents in view of an act of aggression.

Let us not forget that today we also had the fierce exchange of fire in Donetsk after a long time. The Russians used weapons prohibited by the Minsk Agreement.

“Russian diplomats destroy documents”

“The Russians are burning secret documents as they prepare to leave in the event of war. “They know that if they have not left, then they will be deported immediately in case of a Russian invasion,” Ukrainian sources said.

“The Russians are preparing to evacuate the embassy and do not want the documents to fall into the hands of the Ukrainians. The smoke is visible above the Russian embassy in Kiev.

Envelopes with paper are burned. The last time this happened was in 2014!

Russian media note that the destruction of documents is a common practice in case of threat of occupation of the embassy or evacuation of its staff.

At the same time, US officials told CBSNews that Russia’s recent major cyber-attack on Ukraine was a preparatory one!

In particular, they stressed that the Russian hackers targeted the Ukrainian government in order to take battle positions in cyberspace and gather information that will be used as soon as Moscow decides to escalate further.

Watch video with the white smoke in the Russian embassy

New reinforcements of Russian forces

At the same time, Moscow is dramatically strengthening its forces around Ukraine. The Russian Army has developed the most modern tanks it has near the Ukrainian border.

These are 20 T-90 tanks from the Western Military District that were transported at a distance of 83 km from the Ukrainian border.

The T-90s have a new tower, a 120 mm cannon. and missiles that can hit targets within 5 kilometers.

Other videos show the transfer of heavy Russian aid to Belarus (90 vehicles have one phalanx) in the direction of the border with Ukraine.

US: Russia has deployed another 7,000 troops to the border

Russia “increased” the presence of forces on the border with Ukraine by at least “7,000 troops”, some of whom arrived there yesterday Wednesday.

The above was stated by a senior White House official, describing as “false” the announcement of Moscow that it proceeded to the withdrawal of some forces.

“Yesterday the Russians announced that they withdrew troops from the border with Ukraine.

We now know that this is false. In fact, we have now confirmed that in recent days Russia has increased its presence along the Ukrainian border by as many as 7,000 troops, some of whom arrived today “ (s.s .: yesterday Wednesday), he insisted, speaking under condition not to be named to journalists.

The US official also stressed that Moscow could “at any time” conduct an operation that would serve as a pretext for an invasion of Ukraine and added:

“Russia says it wants a diplomatic solution, but its actions indicate otherwise.”

“We hope it will change direction before launching a catastrophic war.”

According to the official, the operation to find a pretext can take “different forms”, such as a “challenge” in the Donbass region or an alleged “invasion” of Russian territory.

Noting that he expects “more false news from the Russian state media in the coming days”, the official stressed “we hope the world is ready”.

At the same time, State Department spokesman Ned Price warned that Russian officials were “planting” narratives in the press that could be used as a pretext for an invasion of Ukraine, claiming that many false allegations were circulating.

During a briefing for reporters, Price said Washington was concerned about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claim of “genocide” (as revealed yesterday by WarNews247) in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine. He also stressed that the allegations that the US and Ukraine are developing biological or chemical weapons to use them in the region are “completely false.”

Watch videos of new movements of Russian forces


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