Who made the ‘Disco Colgante’ and why? – Mysterious 2,000-Year-Old Disco Colgante

Mysterious 2,000-Year-Old Disco Colgante

The 2000-year-old “Disco Colgante” is an object made for unknown reasons, or at least it seems so to us, modern humans.

Was it an ancient tool, a high-tech device, a ritual artifact, or does it provide evidence of our ancestors’ vast knowledge of astronomy?

Of course, this may just be a coincidence, but “Disco Colgante” makes us easily believe that this is a graphic representation of the Milky Way, or perhaps some other spiral galaxy.

How spiral arms are formed in this type of galaxy is not yet entirely certain, but modern astronomers know that the majority of spiral galaxies contain a central bulge surrounded by a flat, rotating disk of stars.

If ‘Disco Colgante’ really is a representation of the spiral galaxy, it shows that old people were much more advanced than previously thought.

Our ancestors’ deep knowledge of astronomy has surprised modern scientists on several occasions.

Sanskrit describes the different varieties of ancient Indians. The oldest form is the language of the Vedas, a collection of religious oral traditions in Hinduism from 1200 BC. Chr.

However, this language probably originated much earlier than would otherwise have been the case with such detailed registers in 1200 BC. Can come.

In connection with Disco Colgante, the word “devaysa” appears again and again. In today’s translations, this roughly means “Divine Reality, Grace”.

As you can see, this can only be a misinterpretation or translation, for what should a “divine reality or grace” have to do with a mechanical component of an airplane.

This component is probably a copy. Which does not change the fact that it resembles a flying saucer or a kind of frisbee. The semicircular of punched windings is even more reminiscent of a boomerang. And that’s exactly what they have. While the boomerang turns on its way and comes back, these punched windings have a kind of cascading effect when we put this component in rotation. We also achieve stabilization through these punched windings.

With different alloys such as silver or graphite (lead from pencils) we also achieve different effects.

The basis of this motor is a triple axis of symmetry through three phases of the connecting rod.

The vibration mode must be carefully observed! In the same way, the components of the three boxes must under no circumstances be conductive, otherwise an electromagnetic wave will be transmitted. (Well, depending on what you want to achieve … …)

The helical connecting rods must be exactly aligned with each other … otherwise Baddabummm … The layer on the CD itself should have a good conductor,

This component can be used for both turbines and direct drive.

Source: news-intel.com

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