While American Citizens Remain “Trapped” In Afghanistan, Planeloads of FIGHTING-AGE MEN (Refugees) Coming to Texas and Wisconsin

Something is more than wrong with this picture: Planeloads of “Refugees” are coming to the USA from Kabul, Afghanistan, but one can’t see any women or children on those planes; just fighting-aged men.  BTW,  they’re coming to Fort Bliss in Texas and Fort McCoy in Wisconsin.


From August 7, the US State Department was telling US “citizens” to leave Afghanistan immediately via their web site.  Yet we are now being told that “thousands” of Americans did not leave their homes in time to make it to the airport in Kabul to be evacuated.  Instead, we’re told, those Americans were instructed to shelter in place because the situation had become dangerous. 

Gee, conflicting information – how very professional of our State Department.  Once again, the United States Department of State proves its staff and executives to be little more than functional retards.  A similar skill level to our Joint Chiefs of Staff!

Incidentally, who are those “American citizens still in Afghanistan?”   Well, we’re told, they are teachers who were teaching in Afghan Schools, and Businessmen doing business with Afghan companies.

Oh, really?

Why were they not teaching in American schools and doing business with American companies?  

Maybe because they are private military contractors (PMC)????

So now that the city of Kabul – and the entire country of Afghanistan — are under complete Taliban control, how do we suppose all those PMC’s are going to get out?

Could we see another Iran-type hostage situation just like under Jimmy Carter in 1979?  Time will tell.

One thing that time has already told us is that Joe Biden and staff picks are completely, totally, unfit to be in positions of Authority.

And do you know who it is that bears the blame for that?

Biden Voters.  Each and every one of them.

Yes, Biden Voters, some of the most ignorant, uninformed, self-absorbed morons in the country.  

I have to ask you Biden Voters, does it physically hurt to be so stupid?  Does the stupid burn you?

The reason I ask is that I cannot imagine going through my life being so disconnected from factual reality that I would be dumb enough to vote for a guy who spent 47 years in government and never solved one problem.  You Biden voters though, not so much.

I’ve got to hand it to you Biden voters, though.   It only took seven months for your guy to smash the US economy, wreck our oil independence, cause gigantic unemployment, and humiliate our entire nation in front of the whole world with its botched removal of US troops from Afghanistan.

Oh, and about that last item, the removal of US troops from Afghanistan.   At the end of Donald Trump’s Presidency, there were only 2500 US Military persons in Afghanistan.   President Trump negotiated our military departure from Afghanistan to be done by May 1.  

Here we are on August 17, and our people are STILL not out.

So maybe you Biden voters can tell me how it is that your illustrious leader and his ever-so-woke, ever-so-sensitive staff, could somehow fail to be able to transport 2500 people out of Afghanistan in February, or March, or April?

Three whole months, and the people you elected, and the retards they hired, couldn’t transport 2500 people.  That’s a special kind of stupid.

And so are you Biden Voters; a special kind of stupid. 

You should kill yourselves for being too stupid to breathe.

Oh, wait.   Most of you have already done that by taking the COVID vaccine.  Thank God.  At least most of you will be dead within three years from doing that.  Right side heart failure from capillary blood clots.  Look it up.  It’s a known side effect.

Folks like me just have to hang on for three more short years.  I wonder how much more wreckage you can inflict in that time.  Or maybe I shouldn’t ask.

Perhaps the whole nation will be gone and what few of your ilk manage to survive can all stand together with that other dingbat, Barack Obama and say “my work is done here.”

Well, maybe not.   Maybe we’re all in for a real ride now.

You see, your fearless leader left all our weapons behind in Afghanistan, and the Taliban grabbed them all.

See this guy:

Look what weapon he’s carrying.   A Stinger anti-aircraft missile.

This photo was taken outside Kabul on August 15, 2021.  They armed their guys with OUR Stingers in case the US decides to attack them; they can shoot down our aircraft with our own weapons.

So you Democrats be sure to travel by plane as often as you can. 

As soon as this guy and his pals manage to get those weapons across our wide open southern border, (your guy did that too) they can have a party with our domestic aircraft.

One can only hope that you and your ilk are the ones aboard.

And if those types of shoot downs start happening, you can look yourselves in the mirror and confidently say that you made it all possible by voting for Joe Biden.

Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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