WH is Worried About November 8th, But November 20th Has Them Nervous as Hell, Too

If there’s one thing the White House does not want to talk about, it’s Joe Biden’s age. The man is turning 80 years old, and he acts as if he’s not a day over 98. And that is precisely why they don’t want there to be any hoopla or fuss over Biden’s Birthday, which is happening on November 20, right after the midterms. Ouch. By that time, they’ll be packing up Biden’s suitcases, for his exit, stage left.

The “Where’s Jackie” nightmare from a couple of weeks ago, is still lingering. It’s like the smell of a skunk, that just won’t leave your nostrils. And, speaking of “Where’s Jackie” The New York Post just did a piece on how that moment has now come back to bite Biden hard:

It turns out that early two-thirds of Americans — including a majority of Democrats — now say they are at least “somewhat concerned” about President Biden’s mental health, according to a new poll.

The Issues & Insights/TIPP survey published Monday showed that 64% of Americans were either “very concerned” or “somewhat concerned” about the commander-in-chief’s mental well-being, up from 59% in early August.

Most notably, the number of Democrats unnerved by the president’s public struggles jumped 13 percentage points in two months, from 39% saying they were “very” or “somewhat” concerned in early August to 52% saying the same now.

The poll was among the first to ask about Biden’s mental state since a jaw-dropping gaffe in which he tried to recognize an Indiana congresswoman — forgetting she had died earlier this year.

“Are you here? Where’s Jackie?” the president asked during a Sept. 28 nutrition event in Washington, referring to Republican Rep. Jackie Walorski, who was killed in a car crash Aug. 3.

“I didn’t think she was — she wasn’t going to be here,” Biden added desolately.

The White House tried to shrug off the gaffe by coming up with one of the lamest excuses I’ve ever heard. They claimed that Walorski was merely “top of mind” during Biden’s remarks — stunning the White House press corps who noted that claim did not explain why the president appeared to forget the congresswoman had died.

Making matters worse, the president had put out a statement mourning Walorski’s death and ordered the White House flag lowered for two days at the time of the fatal crash.

Biden had to apologize to Walorski’s family when he met with them privately.

That was one of those moments that you could not explain away. It was the rawest and most true exposure of Joe’s dementia, or whatever he has wrong with his brain – the American people know it, and the White House knows it, too.

And that’s why they don’t want to make a fuss about his Birthday… Team Biden is afraid to talk about how old Biden is. They don’t want that to flow into more talk about how his brain has turned to oatmeal.

The Washington Beacon reported that Joe Biden will turn 80 on Nov. 20, causing “trepidation in the West Wing” and a plan to downplay the celebration, Politico reported Tuesday.

The president’s allies are worried about “storylines surrounding his age,” which they see as a “sensitive topic,” prompting the White House to try to “downplay the birthday.”

Biden, the oldest person ever elected president, is facing intense criticism over his mental fitness. While giving a speech on Sept. 28, he called out for a congresswoman to stand up. The congresswoman had died two months before.

The president, who has appeared disoriented on many occasions, has also “visibly aged since his time as vice president,” Politico noted, leading many Democrats to wonder if Biden is too old for his job.

Biden has said he will run again in 2024. At the end of a second term, he would be 86 years old.

Speculation about the president’s age has led Democrats to panic about their chances with Vice President Kamala Harris, who is facing accusations of workplace abuse and whose popularity numbers are even lower than Biden’s.

“Kamala Harris can’t win,” one Capitol Hill Democrat told New York magazine.

Well, they’re definitely right about that… But truth is, Joe Biden couldn’t win either — without the help of a Chinese “pandemic” and a hurricane of unprecedented mail-in ballots.

Curious timing, how that all worked out, right?

Happy Birthday. Joe. Hope you have a miserable day.

Source: waynedupree.com

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