We were staring down the Barrel of a Russian Tank turret

ITV News joins last convoy out of Mariupol as key Ukrainian city is besieged by Russian forces.

Senior International Correspondent John Irvine and his team film the moment Russian tanks turn their turrets on the last convoy out of Mariupol

An ITV News crew joined the last convoy out of Mariupol, as the city became besieged by Russian troops.

The team was left unable to access electricity, water or fuel as one of Ukraine’s key cities endured what’s been described as relentless attacks.

A port city, Mariupol in the south east, has been pounded by artillery over the past week.

The team, along with other journalists and some diplomats in the train of cars, was stopped just five miles outside of the city.

Russian tanks stopped the cars. At one point the tank turret turned towards the vehicle, soldiers knelt and aimed their rifles at the convoy.


Source: itv.com

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