We Are in Danger. US/EU/NATO v. Russia . . Ukraine

It grieves me to have to report to the public that we are in danger.  The situation between the US/EU/NATO and RUSSIA over Ukraine is escalating beyond all reason.  Actual steps are now being actively taken which, if not stopped, WILL lead to nuclear war; perhaps before Christmas.

It lays out the situation.  How we got here.  Who is doing what.  And where it is leading . . . fast.

For instance, today, Russia CLOSED the northern sea route.  This just crushed trade between Europe and Asia because ships can no longer travel along Russia’s northern coastline to Asia.  Russia explicitly stated this closure is due to NATO activities!  The Red Line on the image below shows what is now closed:

Also today, Russia announced they are bringing two separate regiments of YARS Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM’s) to “Combat Status” before the end of this year.  That’s within the next 13 days!  One regiment of YARS missiles is silo-based.   The other is mobile-based.  The mobile ones look like this:

Finally today, Russia announced they are deploying radar and “radio engineering battalions” to the Arctic, and they released an image of a new radar station they erected there within 36 hours. 

Here is the image:

The tall tower with the white dome in the center is the radar to monitor for ships trying to use the northern sea route.  But the OTHER structures are the problem.   Those other structures are RADAR JAMMING SYSTEMS for different radar bands.  They have ONE purpose and ONE purpose ONLY: to jam U.S. over-the-horizon missile radar detection grids.  It is precisely the equipment necessary to reduce the functionality of our over-the-horizon radar to either “blind” those radar to incoming missiles, or to so degrade the effectiveness of those radar that, by the time they pick up an inbound ICBM, it’s too late.

THIS is what’s taking place over the Ukraine situation.  NO MASS MEDIA is reporting it — at all.

Put simply, we are in danger.  Actual danger.  From OUR OWN actions with Ukraine.

We are trying to bring Ukraine into NATO so as to place US Missiles on Ukraine territory.  Those missiles would have a flight time of only 5 minutes to Moscow and only 7-8 minutes to Russia’s nuclear missile silos.  Too little time for Russia to defend itself from a nuclear first strike.

This is exactly like the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 1960’s where US President John F. Kennedy found out the Soviets had placed medium range and intermediate range nuclear missiles in Cuba. 

Kennedy asked his Generals how long it would take for those missiles to hit Washington, DC and they replied ‘5 minutes.”  They went on to tell Kennedy “the other missiles could hit other US cities within about ten minutes.  We would lose eighty percent (80%) of our population to their first strike.”

President Kennedy immediately knew those missiles had to go or would have to be destroyed.   For thirteen days in the early 1960’s, America and Russia stood on the precipice of actual nuclear war.  Thankfully, the then-Soviets agreed to remove the missiles.

Here we are, 60 or so years later, and the nimrods in NATO and the nitwits in the US State Department, apparently think history does not apply to them.  They are trying to do to Russia now, what the Soviets did to us in the 1960’s. 

Russian President Putin is simply doing exactly what President Kennedy did when faced with the same situation.

For Russia, this is an existential issue and they cannot back down because to do so would leave them vulnerable to a first strike against which they could not defend or respond.  Yet the US/EU and NATO persist.

This is leading to war.  fast.

We in the West are in the wrong on this.  And the whirlwind we are about to reap will kill very many of us.

Someone has to stand up fast, and put a stop to what’s developing.

The mass-media in the US/Europe and down under in Australia & New Zealand has utterly FAILED to do its job to report what’s taking place.  The only thing they’re putting out is “Russia, Russia, Russia” and “Russia bad.”  It’s simply not true, but the mass-media is either too lazy, or too needing of government ad dollars (COVID) to tell the truth.  I think their failure to accurately report what’s taking place is going to get a lot of us killed.  Soon.

Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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