Video Seems To Show Biden As He Fondles His Granddaughter’s Breast And Tries To Kiss Her On The Mouth After Voting In The Midterm Elections – Why Is The Media Okay With This?

President Biden cast an early vote at his local polling station in Wilmington, Del. on Saturday, hoping that a Democratic free-fall in the midterm elections won’t put the brakes on his ambitious agenda.

Biden, spending his customary weekend at his Delaware home, escorted his 18-year-old granddaughter Natalie, the daughter of his late son Beau, to vote for the first time.

Biden was filmed fondling the girl’s breast during a public event over the weekend and then kissing her in front of horrified onlookers.

During the event, quickly place an “I voted” sticker on her chest. He was then filmed rubbing the sticker onto her breast and pulling her in for a kiss on the mouth while continuing to fondle her breasts in front of reporters.

Video below:

He was going for the lips, she turned her head away.
This is not the first time he creeped people out!

Biden creeped out fans after kissing his teenage granddaughter on the lips during his speech at a campaign event in Iowa.

The presidential nominee was branded “creepy” after he held hands with his granddaughter, Finnegan Biden, and kissed her in front of the crowd of supporters.

Photo below:

While the media never report his creepy moves they are good at portraying the President as a savior of the Democratic party!

Here is Joe Biden eagerly showing his ID before voting in Delaware.

Video below:

So if an ID is racist, as Democrats have told us, why is that happening in Joe Biden’s state and why isn’t he objecting, if it’s suppression? Because of course, it’s not suppression, he knows that, he’s engaged in it for years. It’s normal in Delaware, in much of the country, and in a lot of places elsewhere in the world. It’s only the Democrats who try to make some ridiculous lie that requiring an ID is suppression. But they only attack the red states over it. It shows how completely hypocritical Joe Biden was in his criticism of Georgia.

In the final days before the November 8 elections, Biden plans to step up his campaign travels with scheduled trips to Pennsylvania, Florida, New Mexico, and Maryland to stump for Democratic congressional and gubernatorial candidates.

Biden said he had already been to 36 constituencies already and would make another visit to the battleground state of Pennsylvania next week.

He said his key message would be that voters faced a fundamental choice that could profoundly change the coming decades.


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