Video: Mother Films Herself Pulling 12 Year Old By The Hair So Her Daughter Can Stomp On Her Face, Calls Her “Dumb White Ho” – No Arrest And No Media Outrage After This Terrible Hate Crime

Yesterday we were sent a disturbing video from Charles Street in the Houghs Neck part of Quincy, showing a mother helping her daughter violently assault a 12-year-old girl by pulling her hair and allowing her daughter to stomp on the girl’s face. Here are a few angles of it.

WATCH (warning: graphic video)

Videos below:

Here’s another angle:

The horrifying video was first discovered and reported by the Massachusetts-based TB Daily News. The mother of the victim told the outlet that the incident took place on Saturday.

No other media outlet decided to talk about the hate crime that was caught on camera!

“The mother was the one filming with one hand, pulling the victim by the hair, wearing the ‘If you like what ya smellin, we selling it’ hoodie, and blue shoes. Her daughter was losing the fight until she jumped in, pulled the girl by the hair, and let her daughter stomp on her face,” the outlet reported.

The mother can be heard encouraging the fight and seen pulling the young girl’s hair, as her daughter stomped on her face. She tells her daughter, repeatedly, to “get this b-tch.”

When asked if any arrests had been made or if it is being investigated as a hate crime, a spokesperson for the police department said that “this is an active investigation, therefore we can not provide any further details at this time.”

I have to ask the question:

Society, what do we do?
Where are we going from here?


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