[VIDEO] Hilarious Parody Of What It Might Be Like When Biden’s “Vaccine Police” Show Up At Your Door…

“Greetings Citizen, I’m from the government, and I am here to ask if you’ve accepted Dr. Fauci as your lord and savior????”

The “Vaccine Police” are coming, folks.

I guess Biden’s Handlers have put together a new government task force to come knocking at your door to ask you if you’ve accepted Dr. Fauci as your “lord and savior.”

The new “Vaccine Door-Knockers” is one of the most anti-Ameican things I’ve ever heard of.

I am honestly perplexed as to why the government is so hell-bent on getting people vaccinated for a virus with a 99.8 percent survival rate. I’ve never had anyone come to my house to talk about flu vaccines, have you?

Joe Biden and his spokeswoman Jen Psaki both announced that the government would go door-to-door asking Americans if they’ve been vaccinated.

As you can imagine, the (sane) American public is not happy with this new plan, at all. It’s maximum government overreach and it’s unacceptable.

And to make matters even worse, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra appeared on CNN’s “New Day,” where he declared that it’s “absolutely the government’s business” to know people’s vaccination status.

His reasoning is that the federal government has a “vested interest” in keeping Americans safe.

Give me a break.

And while this mess is not a laughing matter – it’s actually more tyrannical COVID power grabs that should concern every American – we still need to laugh in order to keep going.

That’s why this new parody video from comedian JP is getting so much attention.

It’s funny and absurd, yet strangely “spot-on” with what we’re currently dealing with in this country.

You can watch the video below:

Clearly, a lot of Americans have some serious doubts and questions about this virus. There have been a lot of so-called experts “flip-flopping” on procedures and issues surrounding the virus and a great deal of politicizing, so many people don’t feel confident about what their leaders and experts say about COVID and the vaccine.

There’s just a really weird “vibe” going on with COVID, lockdowns, masks, and now all these magical “variants” popping up.

A lot of this stuff feels very forced and some people think it’s getting rather goofy and staged.

Source: waynedupree.com

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