[VIDEO] GOP Rep Calls Pelosi “Person Speaker” Because He’s Not a “Biologist” And Can’t Confirm She’s “Madam”

Ya gotta love it when the absolute stupidity of the progressive/radical left is thrown back in their smug faces.

It was Rep Bob Good from Virginia that pulled off the hilarious and spot-on troll of Pelosi and the entire whacko left.

You’ll recall Biden’s radical “pedo-supporting” SCOTUS nominee was asked to define what a woman is, and she claimed she could not do that because she wasn’t a biologist.

It’s complete and utter stupidity.

And these are the people who claim to have a “lock” on what “SCIENCE” is? Is there any wonder why so many Americans didn’t trust Biden, or Fauci when it came to COVID? The so-called “party of science” now claims men can have babies, and can’t define what a woman is.


So, Rep Good’s little troll was perfect and especially great to use against Pelosi.

Good took to the House floor, where he started things off by addressing Pelosi.

And that’s when he referred to her as “Speaker Person,” not “Madam Speaker,” because he’s not a “biologist.

Ha ha ha!

You can watch the video below:


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Holy mother of God this is amazing LOL” 

“Hey Pelosi, when you don’t respect anything, you don’t deserve to be respected.”

“That mic drop would‘ve been so big it changed the course of planet earth.”

“I’m not a biologists but Get that Man a beer “

“That’s my Congressman!!!!! See, votes do count!!”

“I could watch that all day long”

“The elites hate being mocked, so you know this really frosts their butts LOL” 

That’s right about the mocking… never forget — the left deserves to be mocked every chance we get.

Source: waynedupree.com

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