VIDEO: Ferocious Gun Battles as West Tries to Overthrow Kazakhstan Gov’t Just Like They Did to Ukraine

Video out of Almaty, Kazakhstan today shows utterly fierce gun battles taking place in the center city of Almaty; with Army troops engaging mercenaries sent by British MI-6, and the US CIA, posing as “protesters” but who are armed with automatic weapons delivered out of trunks of cars!

Literally hundreds of rounds can be heard being fired as the Western-backed mercenaries try to overthrow the government of Kazakhstan, the exact same way they overthrew the government of Ukraine in the year 2014.

This time, however, Russia is not sitting idly-by trying to figure out who is responsible or what their goal is.  Russia already knows:  British MI-6 is responsible along with the American CIA.

They are doing this to destabilize Kazakhstan, in order to install a puppet government there, just as they did in Ukraine.  Once a (west-favorable) new government is installed, the west will then try to bring Kazakhstan into the European Union/USA sphere of influence so as to allow the placement of US first-strike weapons on the soil of Kazakhstan.

Because of its location, Kazakhstan would provide a very short missile flight time of about seven (7) minutes to Moscow and/or to Russia’s strategic nuclear missile silos.  Such a short flight time would make it all but impossible for Russia to defend against a “Decapitation” missile strike by NATO.

This makes the situation in Ukraine and now this new situation in Kazakhstan, an “existential threat” to Russia.   Which is probably why when the President of Kazakhstan issued a formal request for help to the CTSO, it only took thirty minutes for Russia to order deployment of its troops!

Russian Airborne and Spetsnaz troops were flown-in and this morning, are working side-by-side with troops from Kazakhstan to engage the foreign mercenaries and put an end to this foreign-initiated destabilization.

Here is video of just one engagement today – fierce gun battles in the city:


Dead bodies are piling up fast as troops engage looters, arsonists, and foreign mercenaries, armed with automatic weapons, trying to smash the country and overthrow its government.  Here’s one hallway in a local hospital morgue:

This is what Britain and America are causing and doing over in Kazakhstan.

10:30 AM EST —

Big lines at local gasoline stations. People struggle to buy food since most shops are closed. Because of internet blockade, people cannot withdraw cash or even top up their phones. Only local voice calls are getting through.

(Hal Turner Remarks: What does this show you?   In large Civil Unrest, people who HAVE NOT PLANNED ANYTHING, (i.e. the “masses” who are asses) rush out to buy gasoline and food – and find gas stations are mobbed — or sold out — by a slew of others who also NEVER PLAN FOR ANYTHING, and food at Supermarkets is sold out for the same reason. 

They rush out to banks and ATM’s only to find they cannot get cash because banks and ATM’s have no data connectivity to verify account balances.   Credit cards don’t work for the same reason. 

This is why, countless times, the Hal Turner Radio Show tells listeners to have emergency food, water, medicines, CASH MONEY and keep your vehicle fuel topped off.   Over and over and over again, I remind my audience to be prepared because over, and over, and over again, we see that the overwhelming majority of humans are simply imbeciles who take no action whatsoever to prepare to eat and survive in an emergency.  DON’T BE LIKE THEM.  Prepare!)

10:45 AM EST–

Rioters begin burning government buildings:

Military units ordering all persons off the streets immediately or they will open fire and shoot to kill.

At least two law enforcement personnel have been beheaded during violent protests in the Kazakh city of Almaty, according to local media reports on Thursday.

News of the alleged incidents was broadcast by Nur-Sultan’s state-run TV channel Khabar 24, citing city authorities. Some 353 officers are said to have been injured, so far. The death toll among police and security service members has reportedly reached 13.

It is not yet clear whether the rioters decapitated the victims while they were still alive or mutilated their bodies posthumously.

The channel cited officials as stating that the beheadings were “direct proof of the rioting groups’ terrorist and extremist nature.”

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