Video has surfaced of citizens being chased up onto the roofs of their homes, forcibly held down by Police and Medical teams, and stuck with the COVID-19 “vaccine.”  The ferociousness of these Death Dart people is astonishing.  Americans must be ready with guns to defend themselves if any such people attempt that in the USA.

In the video below, a man is seen running out onto the roof of his home, police and medical people in hot pursuit. 

They grab him, tackle him onto the roof and fight to restrain him while he screams in terror and anger about being forcibly vaccinated against his will.

So abusive are the medical people, they literally sit on him to prevent him from fighting them off.

As the shot is injected, he screams, knowing this vaccine is far more likely to kill him than the disease it allegedly vaccinates against.

People on the street below . . . DO NOTHING.

Now, imagine for a moment if the people on the street below, grabbed sticks, shovels, rakes, or guns, and confronted the tyrannical government animals perpetrating these attacks?  Imagine if the people starting beating these teams bloody – even beating them to death. It wouldn’t be long before the government animals stopped what they’re trying to do.

This video comes from the country of Argentina.  It is important to point out that under the law, all adults in the United States have a right to refuse medical aid.  My body, my choice.   


Below, the 30 second video shows Army troops in India doing the same thing to a woman in that country; FORCED Vaccination!

Your Options

If someone tries to STAB you with a needle, that act is assault with a deadly weapon against which you have a legal right to defend yourself.

The vaccinated cannot claim that you are a threat to them because THEY are vaccinated, and therefore protected.  So THEIR health cannot be the issue because THEY are protected.

That being the case, this forced vaccination comes down simply to POWER; You do what government tells you or they will do it to you forcibly.  This isn’t at all about public health or the safety of others.  It is about POWER.

So are you the property of the state or are you a free and Independent person?   In my home state of New Jersey, Article 1, Section 1 of our state constitution makes explicitly clear

“1.   All persons are by nature free and independent, and have certain natural and unalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and of pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness.”

So the very first thing in our State Constitution is that we are, in fact, “free and independent” and it also makes clear we have certain “natural and unalienable (can’t be surrendered or taken away) rights . . .  “defending life . . . .”

You are constitutionally guaranteed the right to defend your life!  Since we already know this so-called “vaccine” has literally killed over 6,000 Americans, and has severely injured several HUNDRED-THOUSAND more, then as a matter of fact and as a matter of law, the vaccine itself is a threat to your life. You can defend yourself against that threat.  Period.

UPDATE: Information has just come to my attention that the nation of Argentina, (first video above) passed a national digital vaccination registry law, codified as “Law 27491,” NINE MONTHS BEFORE the whole COVID-19 thing even began out of Wuhan, China.  Gee, what a coincidence! 

It’s enough to make someone think this COVID thing was all planned . . . and the vaccine is part of that plan; maybe because it does something they’re not telling anyone about.


Americans best be equipped with firearms to defend themselves from this type of assault with a deadly weapon.  

People all over the world need to see what’s starting, so please pass this along to your contacts via email.  It is likely that social media will do anything it takes to silence these FACTS because they don’t like the facts, so social media is not the way to go on this.  Believe me, some of the power-crazed psychotics in each country’s government are watching to see how this goes over to see if they can implement this elsewhere.  Only when free people kinetically fight back will these power-hungry maniacs be deterred, so spread this far and wide.


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  1. Covid-19 has killed 100000’s more people than the vaccine has harmed. My wife & I are 79 & 80 years old & have been vaccinated with the Pfizer version. No side effects. We may need a booster in August and are confident that we will survive the pandemic unless we get hit by a truck.

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