Video: Biden Gets Lost And Is Escorted Off Stage By A Little Girl – The Way He Took Her Wrist Speaks Volumes

In yet another incident, US President Joe Biden looked almost lost on stage after delivering his speech at the ‘Toys for Tots’ event to mark the holiday season.

A confused Joe Biden again asked for help leaving the stage Monday, where he was eventually led from the platform by a young girl.

“Which way do we go?” Biden asked a young girl as she took his hand and walked him in the right direction.

Biden, 80, touched the little girl’s arm, and started leaving the stage before seemingly losing his sense of direction and asking, “Which way do we go?”

The child then pointed off the stage in the correct direction, and the commander-in-chief of the United States was finally able to successfully leave the platform.

Video below:

Biden praised the young girl who spoke at the event, Samara Donahue, who is a military child.

“When I was that age, I could hardly say my name in public,” Biden said. “Actually, I used to stutter when I was a little boy, until I was in high school. It was the only thing everybody – anyway – you’re very impressive.”

Biden turned 80 in November and often struggles with stage direction after he speaks. The president was led away by his staff as he appeared to wander in the wrong direction after his speech in October at an event on the Federal Emergency Management Agency response to Hurricane Ian.

Not one media decided to talk about the way he took the little girl’s wrist and held on to it the entire way off the stage. We are speaking of a man who has a long history of hair-sniffing, squeezing, and otherwise inappropriate behavior.

Photo below:

This is strange to say the least!

The event took place at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall and marked the 75th anniversary of Toys for Tots — a military charity organization that distributes donated toys to children whose parents are unable to afford Christmas gifts. The organization distributes roughly 18 million toys to 7 million children annually. An estimated 11 million children in the U.S. live below the federal poverty line.


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