[VIDEO] Biden Calls Putin “Trump” in Yet Another Embarrassing Blunder

That “childhood stutter” is really getting out of hand…

Joe Biden has completely and totally humiliated himself and America on the world stage.

From the G7 disaster to the Geneva flop, Biden has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that he has late-stage Dementia at best, and full-blown Alzheimer’s at worst.

There were a string of blunders, from not knowing what country he was talking about to 10-second brain freeze, to the usual stammering, and losing his train of thought – it was so bad that he was caught wandering aimlessly in a local cafe, and Jill had to “rescue” him.

So, how does Biden cap all that embarrassing failure off?

Well, he calls Putin “Trump” during a “press conference” where he was only allowed to call on “certain approved people.”

I’ll give him a bit of credit – this time Joe caught himself and corrected the blunder, unlike the “Syria/Libya” disaster where he prattled on and never caught his mistake.

He must have had the “better” meds today.


He sat with Putin for four hours and has been probably prepping for this meeting for 2 months, and yet, this befuddled old man still flubbed up.

What a mess.

Source: waynedupree.com

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