US military: “It’s all over, Ukraine has colossal losses – Russia is winning on all fronts – Europe & USA are collapsing”

“The Ukrainian state you knew is over”

Two US military officers describe an ominous future for Ukraine, stressing that the current Ukrainian state is over. The losses of her Army are colossal and will not be replaced.

But according to them, the battle in Ukraine has turned into a nightmare for Europe as well, as Russia is winning on all fronts, military, political and economic.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine are suffering huge losses”

The Ukrainian armed forces are at risk of collapse if they continue to suffer heavy casualties, according to retired US Lt. Col. Daniel Davis.

The American officer notes that the Ukrainian side is losing daily more than a thousand military dead during the hostilities, while a significant part of the trained personnel was lost in the battle for Mariupol.

At the same time, instead of experienced contract soldiers, the Ukrainian troops must take conscripts who have never held weapons in their hands. Only 20 percent of young military personnel who join the Armed Forces of Ukraine have ever fired a shot, according to a study by the Modern Warfare Institute.

“It is difficult to overestimate the damage(ss to be mistaken)- caused to the Ukrainian army, <…> especially for regular commanders at the platoon, company and battalion level, ” the lieutenant colonel writes, adding that the losses deprive Kiev of the opportunity to organize a counterattack.

According to Davis, every day the risk of the collapse of the Armed Forces of Ukraine increases due to the replacement of professional soldiers with recruits. He noted that it would not be possible to compensate for the loss of special forces.

“You can’t create experienced leaders, they have to be ‘nurtured’ over time. <…> The more Ukraine loses war-experienced personnel in leadership positions, the less combat-ready its general forces will be,” the officer summarized.

He also added that the training of professional soldiers at the company or battalion level takes about several months and should start with the recruitment of experienced lieutenants and captains, etc.

Earlier, Lt. Col. Davis of the US Armed Forces said that Western generals are deliberately hiding real data about the situation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbas.

“It’s all over, Russia is winning on all fronts”

For his part, American military analyst Scott Ritter made a series of statements in which he assessed the situation at the front and the confrontation between the West and Russia.

“In short, yes, it’s all over. It won’t take long for everyone to come to that conclusion. But the fact remains, Russia is winning on all fronts:

in the military, on the battlefield. Politically, we just have to look at the collapse of the European political system and the continued degradation of the Biden administration here in the US.

But also in the economic field, Russia has turned the situation around, the sanctions have backfired on the USA and Europe.

The Russian economy is fine. If you take all three aspects together, there is nothing that can change the direction of each of these aspects. Russia is winning and will develop the victory on the battlefield.

In Europe, Johnson and Draghi are out. You can just wait and see what happens. The G7 turns off. Biden has two more years, but the Democrats are already out. Create a scenario that allows Democrats to retain the Senate and House, and I’ll ask you:

“What are you smoking?”

Moscow’s goals are also changing. The Russians say that the more weapons we supply to Ukraine, the higher the price both Ukraine and the West will pay. Russian representatives stated:

“Now the issue is not limited only to Donbass, the entire territory we hold will not return anywhere, it belongs to us forever.” These are the regions of Kherson and Zaporizhia. “And we will move on.”

This means Odessa. Anyone who doubts the fate of Odessa should understand that this city will forever become part of the Russian Federation. The Russians will not stop and take this city. Maybe they will take Kharkiv, maybe Dnepropetrovsk. We don’t know that yet.

The Russians were clear, and we were given that, earlier this week, when the Ukrainians began using the HIMARS MLRS, a weapon with greater range and accuracy than other Ukrainian weapon systems. They began to use them not only against Russian military targets, but also against populated areas of Luhansk and Donetsk.

And Russia said:

“We cannot end the conflict in Donbass. We should expand our military presence to drive Ukrainian forces further inward so they cannot reach the people of Lugansk and Donetsk.”

They may have been 80 or 100 kilometers from the border. But now the conversation goes even further. Now we are literally talking about the liquidation of the Ukrainian state.

We can now talk about the hostility of Ukrainians towards Russia. But there is enmity only so long as they can afford the luxury of nurturing that enmity. They won’t have that luxury anytime soon. You harbor enmity, but only for your own destruction.

I don’t want to scare anyone, but Russia is tired of playing games. Putin recently said, “I haven’t even started yet,” and now Russians are saying:

“That’s it, we start using painful means.”

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