UPDATED SUNDAY 12:29 PM EST — Russia REDUCES Natural Gas Flow to Europe over NATO/Ukraine

UPDATED 12:29 PM EDT – SUNDAY — SEE BOTTOM– Things between the US/EU/NATO and Russia are starting to get very nasty over the Ukraine situation. Saturday evening, the Hal Turner Show can confirm that the Yamal-Europe Natural Gas Pipeline from Russia, pumped the LOWEST FLOW on record, into Europe.  Russia is cutting-off the gas!

The pipeline, shown on the map below, is an absolutely key source of natural gas to heat and provide electricity for Europe.  Yet tonight, metering stations on the pipeline at the German-Polish border, prove the flow rate from Russia has been cut severely.

In fact, the pipeline employees who contacted us say it is “the lowest flow rate they have ever seen in the twenty years they’ve worked there.”

It could be a VERY cold winter in Europe this year as tensions between NATO and Russia escalate fast over Ukraine.  


Russia has FURTHER REDUCED the amount of natural gas flowing through the Yamal-Europe pipeline.   As of today, the pipeline is flowing at only FIVE PERCENT (5%) of capacity! This is reportedly the “lowest level ever.”

This chart shows the flow rate:

At this level, Europe must begin drawing-down on its tanked natural gas reserves to provide electric generation and home heating.  Except Europe does not have a vast amount of tanked reserves.

 Here is a chart from October showing the level of natural gas reserves in Europe:

This is interesting if for no other reason than look which countries have the lowest and compare those to which NATO countries are giving Russia the hardest time over Ukraine:  The UK, Romania, (is now housing US air forces being built up for Ukraine conflict) and . . . Poland.

So the very countries causing the most trouble for Russia over Ukraine are the precise same countries that have the lowest natural gas reserves, and NEED Russian gas to generate electric and heat homes!

The EU sent Mr. Putin a message, and Mr. Putin sent the EU a message right back.

One wonders if those countries will get the message and stop screwing around with Russia over Ukraine?

It gets awfully cold in Europe during winter.  And Winter has arrived . . . . but the natural gas . . . is not arriving.   HMMMMMMMM.

Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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