Un-Vaxed Given Their Own “Diagnostic Code:” ICD 10 Code: Z28.20


There is a code designation for those who were offered the vax and said no, so they can be “dealt with in the future.”  This is a huge development.

2022 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code Z28. 20: Immunization not carried out because of patient decision for unspecified reason.

But wait, there’s more . . . 

They also have a “.21” you really have to be worried about!

Z28.21 – Immunization not carried out because of patient refusal

What’s most interesting about these codes is that they are for BILLING.    So if a patient refuses the vax, then there can be no BILLING for the vax . . . . so why the need for a code when there cannot be any billing?   

I’ll tell you why: They’re getting all their ducks in a row.

This code will act as a “flag” on your medical records.  As soon as you enter a Doctor’s Office or Hospital, this code will act to “flag” your medical records.

This is also how they can do a search for all people who don’t have a vax, and then generate a list from that search.

Now, what on earth might they want and use a list for?????

These VAX people are vicious.  You had better train your mind to be ready to be just as vicious; because they are doing these things for a reason.  And the reason is not to our benefit.

Off to camp FEMA?   Or maybe just call it what it really will be: Auschwitz.

Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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5 Comments on “Un-Vaxed Given Their Own “Diagnostic Code:” ICD 10 Code: Z28.20

    1. You put all the information together, write things down as you discover them.. and then maybe, just maybe you will know better next time than to leave stupid remarks!

    2. Get off Google, sign into a VPN, access the internet from somewhere other that the USA and do some research into what is happening in Europe, specifically Getmany and in Australia….yes, the plan is to “force” the unvaxed to make a decision…..a d that decision for a lot will be kill or be killed…

  1. I used to be a AHEMA certified medical coder. This article is absolutely right to question these new codes. Their addition to the ICD-10-CM makes no sense whatsoever. Is stated, diagnostic and procedural codes are for billing purposes only! If a medical treatment is offered to you and you refuse it, you are never charged for that service. Why would you be??

    That begs the question..why would they need to add a procedure code for something that until now has ONLY and EVER been used for medical professionals to collect their fees for billable procedures?? The only reason the ICD-10 has diagnosis codes recorded is to justify whatever procedure was performed! Each code must be deemed medically necessary by a diagnosis code to even be reimbursed! So if you’re recording a refusal of a vaccine, what are they even categorizing that as, a procedure or a diagnosis?! 😂 None if it makes any logical sense at all. And that’s the point, folks! These aholes deliberately make things they want to conceal from the public appear so complex and convoluted that one would have to be an expert to understand it. They ALWAYS do this with EVERYTHING. It’s their M.O. The reality is always much simpler than they’d have you believe.

    One people realize this they begin to see through their bs with ease.

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