Ukraine prepares mobilization: At gunpoint an additional 130,000 civilians – Rage in Moscow for US responses

Kiev is preparing a mobilization as it seems that there is a diplomatic shipwreck between Russia and the USA. Russian officials have spoken harshly about the US ambassador’s response.

Ukraine: Preparing for mobilization 

According to information, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is preparing to call in arms an additional 130,000 citizens in order to form a third line of defense after the Army and the “Ground Defense Forces”.

The 130,000 citizens will play the role of militia.

In Kiev, they hope that if the citizens are well prepared, they will be able to defend the “sides” and rear of the Ukrainian Army as it moves east.

“They know the places and the movements that will take place near their homes and will make life difficult for the Russian army,” said a Ukrainian source.

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NATO: “We will not compromise”

“NATO has said it will not compromise on possible expansion into Ukraine, Georgia and other former Soviet republics as this goes against the ‘basic principles’ of the Alliance,” said NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

“Russia must refrain from its ‘aggression’, not target NATO allies and withdraw from Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova where it is not acceptable.”

“NATO is a Defense Alliance and does not seek conflict, but this Alliance can not and does not want to compromise on principles such as the right of each country to enter. 

This decision belongs exclusively to the candidate country and the NATO members, now 30 in number.

“NATO has plans that it can activate very soon if Russia invades Ukraine with the first force being 5,000 troops of the Rapid Reaction Force (NRF) which is now under French leadership,” concluded the NATO Secretary General.

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“Our proposals were not accepted”

The first vice-chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Federation Council Vladimir Jabarov stressed:

“Their answer can not satisfy us, they have gathered everything – their fantasies, their claims. We will not accept such an answer. “

“US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s statement that the US response to Russia’s proposals for security guarantees includes NATO’s commitment to the principle of ‘open door’ suggests that the Russian side may resort to military-technical measures,” he said. Dmitry Novikov, First Vice-Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs.

The answer that NATO remains committed to the principle of “open door”, ie to apply for entry to any country it wishes, means that our proposals were not accepted. We must now prepare for a military-technical response.

“The answer should not include one or two steps – the answer should be complex and multidisciplinary. “Georgia and Ukraine can not join NATO.”

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