Ukraine is being ruthlessly bombed: Russian Marines land in Odessa – Cruise and Iskander rocket storm (VIDEO)

Ukraine is being bombed relentlessly. Putin ordered the start of the military operation and immediately strategic bombers, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles hit ammunition depots and Ukraine’s air defenses.

WarNews reported at midnight that the Russian military operation would begin.

Kharkiv is under fierce attack along with Mariupol

Russian marines are operating in Odessa and fighting hard after all Ukrainian Navy ships were first neutralized.

The announcement was made by Anton Herashchenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Minister. The Americans confirm that amphibious energy is in progress in Odessa.

All border crossings leading to Kharkov are now controlled by the Russian Army.

Russia’s Defense Ministry has announced that the Russian armed forces are hitting military infrastructure in Ukraine with high-precision weapons, in particular air defense arrays, military airfields and aircraft.

The ministry said it was not targeting artillery or rocket attacks on cities or civilian areas.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba announced today that a “large-scale invasion” has begun by Russia and that strikes are being reported in various parts of the country.

Peaceful cities in Ukraine are under attack. This is an aggressive war. Ukraine will defend and win. People can and must stop [Russian President Vladimir] Putin. “Now is the time for action,” he said on Twitter.

Strong explosions are heard in Kiev, Odessa and many parts of eastern Ukraine.

In the capital, at least two loud explosions were heard in the center, followed by ambulance sirens.

In Mariupol, the largest frontal town with half a million inhabitants, where a strategic port is located, several residents reported hearing artillery fire from a neighborhood in the eastern part of the city.

Closer to the front, in Kramatorsk, at least four loud explosions were heard.

Six hundred kilometers from there, in southern Ukraine, in Odessa, a port on the Black Sea, explosions were also heard.


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