U.S. Army to Begin Formal Training To Fight American Patriots

A “realistic” guerrilla war will be fought across two dozen North Carolina counties this month, with young soldiers battling seasoned “freedom fighters,” according to the U.S. Army.  “Freedom Fighters” means American Citizen Patriots.  Our Army is now, officially, being trained to kill us!

The two-week “unconventional warfare exercise” will be staged Jan. 22-Feb. 4 on privately owned land. And it will be realistic enough to include the sounds of gunfire (blanks) and flares, the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School said in a news release.

Exact times, locations and exercise specifics are not provided.

“Residents may hear blank gunfire and see occasional flares. Controls are in place to ensure there is no risk to persons or property,” the warfare center said.

“Residents with concerns should contact local law enforcement officials, who will immediately contact exercise control officials. … For the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, safety is always the command’s top priority during all training events.”

Called “Robin Sage,”  the exercise serves as a final test for Special Forces Qualification Course training and it places candidates in a politically unstable country known as Pineland.

The candidates face off against seasoned service members from units across Fort Bragg, as well as specially trained civilians, officials said. The setting is “characterized by armed conflict,” forcing the students to solve problems in a real world setting, the center says.

“These military members act as realistic opposing forces and guerrilla freedom fighters, also known as Pineland resistance movement,” the center said.

“To add realism of the exercise, civilian volunteers throughout the state act as role players. Participation by these volunteers is crucial to the success of this training, and past trainees attest to the realism they add to the exercise.

Pineland covers counties primarily in southeastern North Carolina, as well as Chesterfield, Dillon and Marlboro counties in South Carolina.

The full list in North Carolina: “Alamance, Anson, Bladen, Brunswick, Cabarrus, Chatham, Columbus, Cumberland, Davidson, Guilford, Harnett, Hoke, Lee, Montgomery, Moore, New Hanover, Randolph, Richmond, Robeson, Rowan, Sampson, Scotland, Stanly, Union, and Wake.”

“All Robin Sage movements and events have been coordinated with public safety officials throughout and within the towns and counties hosting the training,” officials said.


Well, to any of you who have doubted this federal government is literally an enemy of the American people, this should dispel any doubts.  This Administration is now officially training American troops to go after American citizens.

Their enemy is “freedom fighters,” AKA We The People, AKA the US Civilian Population.

They are preparing for civil war and the collapse of the united states of America because they KNOW what they’ve done to the country is causing its collapse.

Our troops are now slowly being brainwashed to open fire on the US Civilian Population, and some may actually be stupid enough to go with it.

I sense there are many who will see these subliminal messages originating from the Satanic creatures at the District of Corruption, and silently detach from them.

Hopefully when the evil vermin “in charge” eventually give them the order to kill innocent US Civilians, the whole scenario will actually unfold like Bucharest did in December 1989.

Regardless of what these Satanic psychopaths “in charge” are plotting, keep your powder dry. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

People should be video-recording these stupid assholes “in action,” and release the video for public viewings.

The Satanic psychopaths “in charge” at the District of Corruption have declared war on We The People.

This “training exercise” is further proof of their Satanic plans to attack “the enemy.”

You know, white Christians who work for a living and provide for their families.

Those marauding shitbrains at Fort Bragg are being brainwashed to hate and kill innocent people for disagreeing with the evil creatures “in charge.”

Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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9 Comments on “U.S. Army to Begin Formal Training To Fight American Patriots

  1. Let us not forget that they have already practiced invading an American city with black hawk helicopters. That was under Obama. They are well prepared to overthrow America and the morons in uniform will go along with this like robots.

    1. Exactly. Not to mention every fed department under the sun getting lots of guns and ammo during Obama. Were they just funneled through to hidden caches? Maybe many of the illegals allowed in will be the troops who use that ordinance against American citizens.

  2. You are correct on all fronts Sir… Thats why this action is so important.
    Its designed to simulate and prepare soldiers for potential future conflicts. Do not think for one second anybody involved doesn’t recognize what you’ve pointed out. That is afterall the point! More than anything, this exercise is a test. A test of loyalty. Don’t think there won’t be woke super troopers all over this buffalo jump. There are still too many patriots in the ranks, they can’t close the trap yet. This is a test to see which purple haired trannies are willing to fire on fwllow citizens, and which ones hesitate.
    “Training” to fight in Appalachia is so ludicrously retarded, even darth stupid and millie vanilli can’t be that bad… Like you’re going to gain a tactical advantage on a guy thats been hunting these woods since he was 8. Pppsssyyeaaahhh. Right.

    1. I agree. In our medical unit I’ve spoke to two within a field hospital who are outspoken socialist MF Communists. There poison in our unit. They would also have no problem and killing innocent Americans because they have MH behavioral issues.

  3. They’ve been doing this for decades… They’ve even done wargaming with scenarios where a local county essentially seceded. A coast guard op assumed white supremacist nazis stole a nuke and was transporting it to FL.

    We’ve been the target all along.

  4. Now what would happen if any towns in the area of such ‘training exercises’ not to mention to and from the home base, decided to temporarily close down ALL their services (gas, food/restaurants..EVERYTHING!!) to the military on the basis of
    ‘COVID-19′ protection (wink wink, nudge nudge..) during the mils
    time there and travel to/from?….

    Gas?..”Sorry, pumps are ALL locked..store’s closed too..’covid’, you know.”

    Same same with EVERYTHING else…and to add to it, the mil bois and gals ALL get the stink eye from ALL the locals they try to interact with…the locals DON’T talk to them..just give ’em the evil eye and
    walk off to do what they do..without ANY meaningful interaction to
    ‘F Troop’ that’s passing through.

    An American version of ‘Chasse Cousins’ in a word….

    And completely lawful.
    (No one has ever said that one HAS to interact with folks
    one finds disagreeable, let alone insufferable, let alone
    a threat)

    Just my 0.02..adjusted for Globalist pedo ‘City of London’ Banksters inflation via their ‘fractional banking’ inflation scam.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. Really? That isn’t news. This has been going on for decades at Fort Bragg. It’s the final exercise for the special forces qualification course. I’m speaking as someone who was stationed there and know several people who either attempted or completed it.

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