Trump Received Mysterious Phone Call During “Dinnergate” Warning Him He Was Being “Setup”

Kanye West hasn’t lost his mind. He’s lost his ability to generate news and make money. So, now, he’s doing both in really destructive ways. When I heard about this silly dinner at Mar-a-Lago with Kanye, Nick Fuentes, and Milo, I knew something was up. I was convinced very early on that Kanye was getting paid big bucks to take down President Trump and MAGA. And the more this nonsense plays out, the more I know I am right. Now, you might think I should have on a “tinfoil” hat, and that’s fine, but this is what I think is going down right before our eyes. And now, this latest revelation really seals the deal for me.

So, it turns out that this whole “dinner” thing was a setup. Milo already admitted that to NBC, saying they wanted to “destroy” Trump. But now, we have more information on what went down, and thanks to the fine folks over at Post Millennial, we’re learning that during this dinner, where Kanye and his posse imposed on Trump, he got a phone call from a lawyer of his, telling him he was being “setup.”

So, how did this lawyer know such a thing?

Well, it’s a crazy story, actually. It turns out that Kanye also uses the same lawyer, and while he was texting back and forth with Nick Fuentes about the plot, he accidentally texted the lawyer and ended up spilling the beans.

The lawyer then turned around and told conveyed the details to Trump’s team, who then called him, and told him.

Imagine sitting there, not knowing who half the people are at the table, and then you get this mysterious phone call saying you’ve been “ambushed.”

Let the poor guy eat his damn dinner…

The Post Millennial has more details:

Amid an incredibly anti-semitic tirade made by Kanye West (Ye) while appearing Alex Jones’ Info Wars with Nick Fuentes, Fuentes revealed another aspect of the notorious Thanksgiving dinner he had with Ye and Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

Speaking in regards to how he was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to get into Mar-a-Lago, Fuentes revealed that Ye had sent a text message to Nick Gravante that was meant for Fuentes. Gravante is a lawyer that is representing former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg.

“And then it turned out that Ye had accidentally sent a text message to a lawyer that both Trump and Ye share, and forwarded him some intel that Karen gave to us about how we were going to have the Trump meeting, how to read his body language and the kinds of things that maybe we should avoid, or things we might want to say,” said Fuentes.

“And so before the dinner, Ye actually forwarded that to a lawyer, who then in the middle of the dinner, apparently called Trump to say hey, Karen Giorno is involved, this is a setup. You guys are being set up right now.”

“It was really just based on a misunderstanding,” Fuentes added.

When Jones asked who this lawyer was, Fuentes asked Ye if they could say the name, to which Ye said, “I don’t mind any names.”

Fuentes revealed that the lawyer in question was Gravante, and continued on to say, “because we pulled up in the car and Ye said ‘hey, I’ll forward you these notes,’ so he forwarded it to me and I said, ‘hey, I didn’t get the text,’ and we kind of brushed it off, and we found out later he meant to send it to Nicholas Fuentes, he sent it to Nicholas Gravante on accident.

Has there ever been a human being in history, who’s been so sabotaged, backstabbed, and ambushed like President Trump? It’s unreal.

If they’re not trying to ride his coattails, they’re trying to destroy him. It’s one of the most horrific, and unfair things I’ve ever seen.

My God, leave this man alone.


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  1. God always makes a way for things to work out for our good. Meanwhile, Kanye has killed his chances of remaining in good standing with The Majority. It’s gonna hurt Kanye!

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