Total war: Russia reopens Kiev front – Thousands of troops heading for Belarus – Will seal border with Poland

Britain: A major Russian attack will begin

Russia is preparing to reopen the Kiev front by moving military forces into Belarus.

Russian and Ukrainian sources speak of intensive preparations of the Belarusian railway network to transport hundreds of tanks, armored vehicles and other weapons systems.

At the same time, works are underway at Zyabrovka and Luninets airports which are expected to be completed within two months.

The first information speaks of 20,000 Russian reservists who will be transferred to Belarus with this number being reinforced by the Belarusian forces. It seems that it is only a matter of time before Belarus actively participates in the Ukrainian war. Perhaps that is why Putin and Lukashenko met yesterday in Sochi.

If the information about the entry of Belarus into the war is correct, then a number of 100,000 soldiers will be gathered with an area of ​​responsibility in northwestern Ukraine.

Ukrainian sources speak of 100,000 Belarusian soldiers alone. The number is huge by Minsk’s standards and cannot be achieved without conscription.

The first target for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will be Volyn, a region in northwestern Ukraine, in order to cut off the main supply routes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with Western military equipment. The border with Poland must be sealed for Moscow which it should have done in the first place.

Belarus is once again preparing to receive Russian troops

On September 26, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko made a surprise visit to Sochi, where he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Two days later, the Belarusian head of state visited Abkhazia for the first time, causing an uproar in Tbilisi.

Between these two events, some changes were observed in the work of the railway network of Belarus which may affect the further course of the Russian special operation in Ukraine.

According to reports, Belarus is again preparing to receive military trains with Russian equipment.

A wide range of activities are currently underway. For example, the preparation of railway stations is carried out, during which unloading (loading) places are carefully examined jointly by the Belarusian Railways and military communications authorities (VOSO administrative offices).

If problem areas are found, they are repaired. Car approaches to loading and unloading areas are strictly controlled. The functionality of junctions and communication facilities for the operational management of military transport is also checked.

In addition, the supply of rolling stock is of great importance. Therefore, they now select and determine the suitability of freight cars scheduled for use while expediting repairs if necessary. Leasing and maintenance contracts for freight wagons are concluded.

At the same time, for the organization of traffic and correct maneuvering operations, machines are placed at the stations. Movement schedules of military echelons are drawn up (after provision of military rail transport plan) and necessary number of station masters (personnel) are made available for rapid advancement of military echelons (trains).

Further, Belarus coordinates with the Central Directorate of Traffic Management – a branch of JSC Russian Railways (CD) on the issues of quick return of empty cars for their reuse for loading military echelons of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

The main railway border crossings at which the designated trains are expected to be received are mentioned as:

Krasnoe (MSK RZD) – Osinovka (BCH NOD-1), Zlynka (MSK RZD) – Zakopytya (BCh NOD-4) and Zaverezhye (OCT RZD ) – Ezerishche (BCH NOD-6).

In the Belarusian Railway, on an emergency basis, until September 30, an order was given to obtain from all employees, including managers, the obligation not to disclose confidential information.

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British intelligence services: A major Russian attack will begin!

British intelligence agency MI6 has reportedly passed information to the Office of the President of Ukraine and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about the planning of a major Russian attack.

Currently, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are gathering several strike groups in the Belgorod and Rostov regions, which will launch an attack on the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the eastern front after the acceptance of the former Ukrainian regions into Russia

Also, MI6 has informed Kyiv that the Russian Armed Forces are preparing a series of simultaneous strikes on energy and military installations in Ukraine following the acceptance of the four regions into the Russian Federation.

London is convinced that in this way Moscow will try to convince everyone of the seriousness of its ultimatum and the transition from the special military operation to a new stage.

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Three Su-30SMs landed in Belarus

Russia again transfers fighters to the territory of Belarus, Russian Su-30SM multipurpose fighters landed at the Baranovichi airport .

Indeed at 12:00 local time, 3 Russian Su-30SM (numbers RF-81772, RF-81760 and RF-81758) landed at Baranavichy airfield.

About 1.5 hours later, 3 Su-30SM fighters (RF-81740, RF-81736 and RF-81737) took off from Baranavichy back to Russia.

This “rotation” showed that there are still at least 3 Su-30SM of the Russian Aerospace Forces at the Baranavichy airfield.

Satellite imagery from August 24 showed at least 4 Russian Aerospace Forces Su-30SMs at the airport.

The last time Russia transferred aircraft to Belarusian airports was in March of this year.

The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov stressed that in case of a new attack by the Russian army from the territory of Belarus, there will be a harsh response.


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