Tony school in DC forces five-year-olds to parade around chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’ for the cameras

What is it about radical leftists and getting their hands on people’s kids?

Libs of Tik Tok (hat tip: Daily Wire and We Love Trump) found this one, posted on the ritzy Lowell School’s site, showing very small schoolchildren, all around age 5, marching in their masks, with signs chanting “Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter…”  I suppose we’re supposed to say, “Aw, aren’t they cute,” but the normal response is, Who is forcing them to do that against their will?

I remember singing “ring around the rosie” at that particular age.

What’s more, as a five-year-old in the ’60s, I remember seeing Black Panther and Symbionese Liberation Army violence, riots, and gun-waving parade-arounds, Charles Manson and his leftist fangirls, and hippies spitting at troops in airports, on the television set as a kid. I recall viewing those things as vile, hateful, threatening, something never to get involved with. More to the point, it would have been unthinkable to force any five-year-old at that time to go around chanting for those causes as they are for today’s similar ones. It simply would not have been done.

But here we are today, with near-toddlers being forced to march and parade around for the cameras chanting for an organization that is characterized by its cause and effects — violence, burning cities, dead police officers, police defunding, zero response to 9/11 calls, and big death spikes in the black community based on unchecked violent crime, corporate kowtowing to the crocodile, and humongous piles of money engulfed in colossal corruption.

Sound like a cause anyone should force a five-year-old to chant for?  Not to normal people.

The radicals at the cosseted, tony, $40,000-a-year school, so insulated from normal people, think otherwise — here’s some dreck the Daily Wire located from their website.

We firmly believe that we cannot expect children to engage in fluent conversations around identity, equity, and inclusion if these topics are, in any way, “off limits” for young children. Instead, we believe that if we normalize difference and teach children how to share and appreciate difference, the groundwork for equity and inclusion conversations will be that much more firmly laid. …

Part of helping children develop a strong sense of self includes showing them that they each have a voice and they can use that voice in service of a cause they are passionate about. This lays the groundwork for teachers to begin addressing issues of “fairness” and ways that children can make a difference in the world.

How is this “education”?  Are these children learning to read and write?  This is the kind of garbage that goes on in the Cuban Castro regime, every word delivered in education a word of propaganda for the vile and detested regime.  Children are pawns in this scheme, deprived of real education in favor of fist-waving, with the idea that they stay radical activists for life.

Why are they such targets now?  Because leftists know they can’t persuade the larger public anymore.  Only innocent little children who know nothing of politics have become a palimpsest upon which to engrave their hostile, hateful, useless, ideas.  Black Lives Matter has fallen into total discredit with the public, according to polls.

It’s sad because it’s not just this ritzy school that is trying to turn five-year-olds into angry, radical leftists.  Bari Weiss has investigated wokesterism in all kinds of tony, elite private schools around the country, getting her information from anonymous parents who are afraid of being bullied, blacklisted, doxxed, or labeled, and who also fear that leftists will take their hate out on their children.  She’s written about that here.

There is little parents can do, other than pull their kids from the ritzy private schools and lose the old boy’s network that such institutions offer.  Most won’t do it, and those who object might write it off as acceptable since everyone thinks black and all lives matter.  On the surface, it might be OK.

But kids grow up.  Some may stay radical as their indoctrination and warm memories of naps and milk and cookies stay with them.  But others will discern the gaslighting about Critical Race Theory, which tells white kids who never did anything racist that they are oppressors, and black kids that despite the $40,000 their parents laid down for that fancy education, they are victims.  What happens when such kids get older and learn the actual history of Black Lives Matter, either through the ruinous effects of its “defund the police” advocacy, or its corrupt money dealings?  It’s a recipe for cynicism.

The bottom line here is that children do not have choices in this matter and shouldn’t be forced to participate in activism for any cause, really.  Would leftists like it if their kids were forced to march against abortion at some other tony private school?  Kids should be learning to read and write and do math and sing children’s songs together as normal children do.

The fact that this particular cause is highly discredited at this point as Democrats scramble to “refund” the police, and in disfavor by the majority of the American people makes the whole thing even worse.

These people are indoctrinators, and they’ve got America’s elite kids under their thumb, so they’re going to force-feed them left-wingery of a very destructive type.  What a sorry spectacle this is.  It’s time to defund these destructive establishments, both federally and through parents.  Education shouldn’t be this bad.  This is not Cuba.

Source: American Thinker

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  1. Black Americans account for 13% of US Population
    93% of black are killed by other blacks
    1.7 % by Police
    Black lives dont matter to other black people .

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