This is HUGE: Americans -especially their armed forces- need to realize this about Ukraine

Ukraine is a major trap for the US Forces. Let me tell you why.

Open any map and examine that region. What do you see? Ukraine has immediate proximity with the Russian Territory. Whatever sails into the Black Sea must pass through the Bosporus Strait. So what’s so important about these factors?

Well, from a strategic point of view, it’s the perfect trap. Ever wonder why Russia has shown some weakness in Syria? Why instead they are showing no signs of the slightest retreat in Ukraine? Why the late romance with Turkey?

It’s all because Russia WANTS to drag you guys into war in Ukraine. If they had to choose ONE place in the world, Ukraine would be their top choice. They have all the supply lines ready. Anything that must reach the front, will be there safely and in no time by road, having only their borders to cross. Every single land target in Ukraine or in other close countries is within reach of every weapon they have, land, sea or air – launched. It will be a nightmare for US forces and allies to supply the front having to pass other countries for miles and miles and under the constant threat of pro-russian insurgents scattered everywhere. Convoys will be massacred by massive fire from everywhere. Plus, Russia has no problem bombing the shit out of everything there. They’re not touching their land, the war is in some other country, so what?…They’ll help reconstruct things later..

The trap is larger for the navy. Russia WANTS US to gather as many warships in the Black Sea as possible. From the moment the fire is lit, you can forget about your ships and navymen in there. They are trapped in a death sea where nothing can come out from. They will blind everything with massive jamming, as they have done many times. The ships are within the reach of missiles launched from russian warships, and worst of all, the unstoppable P-800 missiles, launched from land.

The worst part: No one escapes this hell. If any one tries to retreat, they will have to confront the silent submarine hunters that will block the Bosporus Strait, letting not a single mosquito pass through there alive. The latest romance with Turkey will ensure the minimum possible objections from their side about naval operations by the Russian on their waters.

None of these advantages were present in Syria or anywhere else. Syria was as far away for the Americans, as it was for Russians. Russians know it and they will not back a single step in Ukraine. Instead, they will do anything to try and provoke US intervention there, asking for the greatest possible accumulation of enemy forces in the land and sea of Ukraine. They have every advantage on their side. Then they will throw everything they have, and it will be a no escape hell for everyone.

I hope that nothing of this happens, as I equally like Americans and Russians. I hate war and everything that comes with it. But you Americans must be warned, it will be a hell on earth for you guys over there, like nothing before. I have long military and strategic studies, and please, get out of there as soon as you can.

Things could escalate really bad after this and you may actually win the possible war after this. I can’t predict how it will go from there. But Ukraine is lost for you no matter what. Get out of there and minimize your losses while it’s still calm.


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1 Comment on “This is HUGE: Americans -especially their armed forces- need to realize this about Ukraine

  1. They don’t want a war with the U.S. you only think that because of U.S. anti-Russia propaganda. There are 2 regions in Ukraine that declared their independence and want to voluntarily become part of Russia.
    If war breaks out, there are no winners, only a planet full of dead humans.

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