Sunday Evening SURGE in “Commercial” Air Flights OUT of Moscow and St. Petersburg Russia

Between 4:00 PM and 7:45 PM eastern US time, a sudden and very noticeable SURGE in Commercial air traffic (AERFLOT) began, with VERY NUMEROUS numbers of flights departing Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia – almost ALL of them heading east to the vast heartland of Russia.

The fact that these flights are in the air very late on a Sunday night Moscow time, is strange in and of itself.   

But that they are almost all heading into the deep interior of Russia is alarming to some observers.

Moreover, the flights land, stay on the ground just long enough to unload and refuel, then turn around and head directly back to either Moscow or St. Petersburg.  Like a sort of air ferry service.

Why are people leaving Russia’s main cities in the middle of the night, so suddenly?????


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