Stew Peters Show: UV Light Could END COVID – Nurse “Smuggles” Ivermectin to Patient – Military Doc BANNED

Stew Peters is not going to hold back in his relentless exposure of communist liars, sexual predators, bullies and FAKE MAGA “Republicans”, Democrats, Globalists, and the Deep State that has infiltrated America, and Vernon Jones is the POSTER CHILD!

Retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer and TRUE America First Candidate, Jarome Bell, joined Stew Peters to expose a RINO Communist-sympathizing Fake MAGA “Republican” that has REPEATEDLY voted with Democrats, highlighting the importance of vetting EVERY CANDIDATE and incumbent running for elected office!

Dr. Aaron Williams appeared on The Stew Peters Show with a historic revelation about UV light technology that’s available, RIGHT NOW! The virus-killing fixtures have been studied and proven effective, but NOBODY wants to talk about it!

The Stew Peters Show welcomed an anonymous nurse whose sister was dying in the hospital, being refused life-saving treatments. The anonymous nurse and concerned family member took it upon herself to get a prescription for Ivermectin on behalf of her sister, and “smuggled” the treatment into the hospital.

Dr. Samuel Sigoloff has been issuing medical exemptions from the shots being FALSELY referred to as “vaccines” for the soldiers in his care. The military has now BANNED and SUSPENDED Dr. Sigoloff, who joined Stew Peters to tell the eye-popping storyline of events.


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