South Africa Collapse – Day 2 – Rioters Shot Dead, Burned Alive, Beaten and Bleeding to Death on streets; Factories, Stores, Farms BURNED

Day two of the societal collapse in South Africa brings new horrifying images and video of what is taking place as society collapses: Looters shot dead on video at point blank range, burned alive, beaten and bleeding to death on the streets.  Thousands of stores looted, giant factories and even farms, burning.

During the night, widespread looting continued in dozens of cities and into the suburbs.

The looting is everywhere:

When they’ve stolen everything, they burn it down.

Large shopping malls

Factory Buildings, where people (used to) earn their living:

Even small community strip malls – burned

Entire warehouse complexes are being massively looted by literally thousands of looters at once:

Small family businesses renting store fronts are also being burned:

Even trucks carrying brand new cars are deliberately set ablaze in wanton acts of destruction:

When police try to quell the rioting, they, too, are attacked and burned:

This man reportedly tried to DEFEND his own business:

In the suburbs last night, fields full of farm crops were set alight – the barbarians burning their own food supplies with abandon!

Robbers trying to steal from individuals, are being fought-off, kicked in the face, then shot dead at point blank range, like this (GRAPHIC VIOLENCE):

This man set a truck on fire and was beaten bloody to the point he is dying on the street – while the people who saw what he did, mock him and tell him “Die mother fucker.” (BLOODY)

The guy, allegedly an ARSONIST was reportedly DOUSED IN HIS OWN GASOLINE AND SET ON FIRE; that’s why nobody is helping him!  He’s shown alive, but dying with his burnt skin hanging off his body, in the video below:

There is so much violence, so much chaos, it is now impossible to report all of it.  The societal collapse of South Africa has spread now to dozens of cities and into the suburbs.  There is no escaping it almost ANYWHERE in the country.

There was a laugh amongst all of this, though.  One store that had not been looted, was informed by uniformed members of the police that they would be forcibly closed because the line of customers waiting to try to buy what little food was in the store . . . . were not social distancing!

Mind-numbed robots running someone else’s script . . . incapable of thinking on their own, just doing what they’re told.  God help humanity.

In the meantime, here is more of the rioting and looting taking place this morning:

and here

And more:


It is hard for readers, viewing such violence from the comfort and safety of their homes, to understand why things are so horrific.  But we’re not there.  We’re not “in it.”

The folks who are using such extreme force against rioters, looters, and arsonists, are watching their country be smashed, looted, and burned. 

They’re watching their neighbors be raped, beaten, and killed by mobs. 

They’re watching their entire communities be burnt to the ground. 

Their very lives are being threatened by these riotous mobs – and the average citizen is now seeing their personal mental state change from civilized to warlike. 

It’s tough to bear that in mind as we sip coffee, eat lunch or dinner, and watch TV in peace and safety, but THIS is what real life becomes when barbarism attacks.

We got a small taste of it last summer when rioting and looting struck major cities here in the USA.   Thankfully, our police were able to restore order and make mass arrests . . . only to have radical District Attorneys like Cyrus Vance in New York City, dismiss all charges and set the rioters/looters free.

Now that the world is seeing how South Africa handles riots, arson, and looting, maybe next time such things erupt in America, guys like Cyrus Vance will be remembered . . . and Americans won’t be fooled into trusting the courts and the law again? 

Maybe next time, what we see above as far as citizens going after looters, shooting them and beating them to death, might be seen here, in America.


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