Shocking Video From Brooklyn Shows Point Blank Shooting Outside Convenience Store In Broad Daylight

Has Eric Adams been sworn in yet? No? Meanwhile, in Bill de Blasio’s New York, a suspected gang-related crime in Brooklyn, which led to one man being shot at point blank range, was caught on camera late last week.

A gunman is seen outside of a convenience store pulling a handgun from a fanny pack and shooting another man, who arrives on a Citibike. The incident took place in broad daylight at 2:20pm and the gunman was caught on video from several angles. 

The victim, 21 year old Pierrot Simeon, biked to the store at the corner of Clarkson Avenue and East 53rd Street in East Flatbush, according to the NY Post, apparently with intentions of speaking to the suspect. 

Simeon falls off the bike while the suspect tosses the gun aside before taking off on foot. 

During the shooting, another man walks out of the store “holding a wad of cash” and “wearing a black du-rag, gray T-shirt, gray and white basketball shorts and Nike sneakers”, the Post noted. 

The victim was pronounced dead at Kings County Hospital Center.

Police believe the incident to be gang-related but they have not determined whether or not the suspect and the victim knew each other. 

The Post described the incident as though there seemed to be no animosity between the two:

A source who viewed other video from inside and outside the deli said the pair hadn’t interacted inside except to exchange looks. The shooting victim emerged from the store “like [there was] nothing to fear,” the source said.

Simeon had briefly ridden away before the gunman came out of the store, although the suspect “never stops looking at [him],” the source said.

The video shows Simeon then doubling back on his bicycle to the deli and the pair exchanging words, the source said.

“Then shooter reaches for [a] gun and that’s done… The whole interaction, u-turns and all, lasted 30 seconds,” the source said.

A memorial has been made outside of Simeon’s home. He was described by family members as “very caring”. 

“He said that when my other little one would get older, he’s gonna be here to watch him and make sure he don’t do bad stuff,” one family member said.

Source: Zero Hedge

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