Shanghai Police Telling Citizens Protesting Lockdown “We are going to have a war with America”

Sometimes, real facts pop-up in the strangest places.  This one is a doozy!

The City of Shanghai China has been in a new “COVID Lockdown” for a couple weeks.  23 Million people can’t even leave their homes.   No work.  No food shopping. Nothing.   

Protests are erupting.  People want this to end.   

Shanghai police inadvertently slipped-up while on-camera, and provided the __real__ reason for what’s going on:  This isn’t a COVID lockdown, it is economic warfare being waged by China, against the United States.  

By halting manufacturing in Shanghai and the surrounding region, parts and raw materials the US needs, aren’t coming.   As such, industry in the U.S. is forced to shut down.

So what was it the Shanghai cops let slip?

“I’m telling you this is not caused by our police.  This is a result of the whole international situation.  We are going to have a war with America . . . Don’t you know?”

Here’s the video:


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