Samurai Sword vs Rifle in road rage stand-off (VIDEO)

Road rage may be common, but two men in Portland, Oregon took it to the extreme in a viral video posted to Twitter, with both brandishing deadly weaponry in an attempt to intimidate each other.

Two motorists were filmed coming face-to-face in a heated stand-off last week. In the footage, one man can be seen drawing a Samurai sword and threatening the other driver, who responds by pulling a rifle from his trunk. 

As the video begins, the pickup truck driver can be seen threatening another motorist with the Samurai sword coiled back behind his shoulder, as the target of his fury stands coolly, barely flinching. The paint-splattered swordsman backs off, before hopping back towards his intended victim with the blade once again held aloft. 

Realizing that his fellow motorist won’t be intimidated, he returns to his rather battered Ford Ranger, while the man filming the confrontation shouts “beat his ass… he got you f**ked up bro.”

At which point the camera returns to the previously unarmed driver, who pops his boot open and retrieves a rifle. The man filming the confrontation, who has remained seated in his vehicle, drops his equipment and seemingly drives off in fear. 

Lieutenant Nathan Sheppard told Fox News that the police don’t have the manpower to investigate every crime, adding that neither person involved had reported criminal activity.


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