Russian Scientist: “Omicron strain may have been artificially created and manipulated.”

From Russia , one of the absolute protagonists of research on Covid (and previously of research on Ebola and MERS), comes a bombshell, which draws an absolutely new scenario on the future of the pandemic and which goes in the opposite direction to the hysteria fueled by our ruling classes and their incredible crowd of fear propagandists . The news in Italy was broadcast by “Demos TV” and previously disclosed by the agency “Ria Novosti”. So: “The Omicron strain of the coronavirus may have been artificially created and manipulated.” The claim is from a well-known Russian virologist, Pyotr Chumakov, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciencesand head of the cell proliferation and molecular biology laboratory at the Engelhardt Institute, to the microphones of “Radio Russia “.

According to the scientist, all the mutations of the previous variants of Sars-Cov-2 were collected in the Omicron variant, but with the addition of a “insert of three amino acids”, the appearance of which is impossible in a natural way: the result is a “Super-weakened strain”, which however spreads much faster than the Delta variant and can bypass vaccines. However, the Micron does not cause serious consequences at the moment. A very recent research from Denmark suggests that, if anything had been thought of m-Rna vaccines as an effective shield, the Omicron variant compared to the other variants could have a “preference” for the vaccinated and, above all, for the super- vaccinated with three doses, rather than for the unvaccinated.

Chumakov describes the situation as follows: «Omicron can infect many people who have already been vaccinated. But the disease has an easy course for them. Not even among the unvaccinated are very serious cases. That is, it appears that this is a strain that spreads very quickly and is easily tolerated. This is very positive ». On the speed of spread, the news converges towards a strong acceleration: yesterday scientists from the Lks School of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong (Hk Umed) reported that the Omicron variant of the coronavirus infects and multiplies 70 times faster in human bronchi compared to the Delta strain, but with a less severe infection in the lungs. The new Sars-Cov-2 strain was first identified in Botswana and South Africa on 20 November. It contains dozens of mutations in the Spike protein, which the pathogen needs to infect cells.

Presumably, Chumakov says, this variant originally developed in the body of an immunocompromised person, possibly infected with HIV. Another Russian scientist, Alexander Gintsburg, director of the National Epidemiological and Microbiological Research Center Gamaleya Center (where the Ebola and MERS vaccines as well as the Sputnik V vaccine were developed), points out the lower severity of the disease. Russian President Vladimir Putin himself, after a phone call with his South African counterpart Ramaphosa, immediately took the Omicron issue seriously, so much so that an Ilyushin Il-76 flew in a hurry to South Africa with a team of epidemiologists on board and physicists of the ministry of health, an ad hoc department of the ministry of emergencies and a “mobile laboratory” of the Rospotrebnadzor,

It is not common to hear optimistic words from the usually cautious Putin. Therefore, a recent statement by him did not go unnoticed: «Omicron could be a ‘natural vaccine’ that is nearing the end of the pandemic». All good and all towards the conclusion? Soon to tell. But this news must be taken from the correct side: the Covid-19 syndemic is a planetary phenomenon in which the vast majority of the protagonists live in a “Burioni free”, “Draghi free” and “Scanzi free” world. 

Legions of specialists and dozens of states are taking measures of the phenomenon in very varied ways and with a scientific impetus that could never be summed up by the numerous professionals of fear who instead haunt our latitudes with the word science reduced to a dogmatic and liberticidal theology. .

Another consideration, less reassuring than the previous ones: the conclusions drawn by Dr. Chumakov regarding the “artificial” factor (ie manipulated in the laboratory) of the Omicron variant, portends a new type of world in which biological risks make a dramatic leap in quality. The impossible becomes possible and the alteration of the mechanisms of life transforms the “homo sapiens” into a crazy variant of the “homo faber”. If Hiroshima had brought us to an apocalyptic ridge on the side of the atom, the Covid era reveals the apocalyptic ridge on the side of the cells. Politics must find out how far man wants to disturb the universe. It is a more mature existential concern than fear governed by talk shows and the Orwellian laws of our rulers.

(Pino Cabras, reflections on the declarations on Chumakov published on December 16, 2021 on the Facebook page of Cabras , deputy of the group “The Alternative Is”).


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