Russian Pacific Fleet Now Only 35 MILES from Honolulu – US Lines Up Missile Warning vessels in Pacific

The Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy is now only about 35 miles (65km) from Honolulu, Hawaii, conducting “military exercises” as shown on the satellite image above.  U.S. Deploys ACSG, “wall” of special naval radar, and schedules missile test from Alaska toward Russia fleet!

As of this weekend, the following Russia Navy vessels are quite close to Hawaii:

  • Three (3) Project 20380 Corvette vessels: Sovershenny, Gromkiy, and Aldar Tsydenzhapov
  • One (1) Project 1164 Guided Missile Cruiser: Varyag
  • Two Project 1155 vessels: 
    • A) Large anti-submarine ship Admiral Panteleyev, AND;
    • B) a Project 1155(M) frigate: Marshall Shaposhnikov 
  • One (1) Missile Instrumentation Ship: Marshal Krylov

The US sent the USS Carl Vinson Aircraft Carrier Strike Group to be in the area of the Russian naval vessels.  This includes three (3) Arleigh-Burke-class Destroyers and One (1) U.S. Coast Guard Sentinel-class Cutter.

In addition to the USS Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group, the U.S. has sortied very special naval radar vessels equipped with stunning missile alert radar.

The special radar vessels have formed a virtual WALL in the western Pacific Ocean as seen below:

In addition, the U.S. has made a sudden announcement of a Missile test from the area of Kodiak Island, Alaska, toward Kwajelin Atol in the Pacific, which would see a US missile headed very fast and very close to the Russian Fleet!

The Notice to Airmen and Mariners shows the projected track of today’s US Missile Defense test:

The strange thing about this particular Missile Defense test is that there are NO KNOWN U.S. Missile defense facilities on Kodiak Island.  There is the Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska (PSCA), formerly known as the Kodiak Launch Complex (KLC), is a dual-use commercial and military spaceport for sub-orbital and orbital launch vehicles. The facility is owned and operated by the Alaska Aerospace Corporation, a public corporation of the State of Alaska, and is located on Kodiak Island in Alaska.

The spaceport opened in 1998 and has supported 26 (up to end of 2020) launches, most of those for the U.S. government. The site was closed for two years following a launch failure that caused significant damage to parts of the spaceport. It reopened in August 2016.


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