Robby Mook ‘Fears for His Life’ after Exposing Hillary Clinton’s Russia Hoax

Fears are mounting for the safety of Robby Mook after the former Hillary Clinton campaign manager gave bombshell testimony exposing Hillary’s crimes last week.

On Friday, Robby Mook testified under oath that Hillary Clinton approved the Russia collusion narrative and ordered her team to spread the disinformation far and wide in the media.

Mook revealed that Clinton wanted the hoax, which falsely linked President Donald Trump to Russia’s Alfa Bank, to be pushed to the mainstream media and fact-checkers even though she knew the information was completely made up.

Following the testimony, many online users express fears that Mook may be in mortal danger:

Others nervously joked that they will “miss Robby.”

According to reports, Hillary Clinton was furious after Mook took to the stand and threw her under the bus during testimony in Michael Sussmann’s trial on Friday.

Source: News Punch

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