Reports starting coming in very late Sunday night claiming Trudeau’s cabinet convened tonight to discuss invoking the Emergencies Act. Provincial leaders will be consulted on this matter tomorrow but they really have no say.

Justin Trudeau has called a late night cabinet meeting with all the premiers. Their go-ahead is required for the Emergencies Act to be put into effect.

This would give Trudeau to power to handle the Freedom Convoy protests with extreme force.

Pay close attention to who goes along with this.

UPDATE: A First Ministers Meeting has been called for today Monday February 14.

Hal Turner Remarks:  Why would you need to invoke martial law on Canadians peacefully protesting for more freedom and to have their lives returned back to normal? Why?

A protest where nothing was damaged, a protest where no one got hurt. A protest where kids played and were 100% safe.

None of this makes any sense.  Unless Trudeau is, in fact, a complete TYRANT.   Humans have a God given right to remove tyranny by any means necessary.


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