Remember Trump’s “Covfefe?” It now looks like he was trying to warn us (COV – COVID and fe fe Ferrite – Iron Build up)

With a widely-presumed to be typo, that Donald Trump used in a viral tweet when he was U.S. President.  Covfefe instantly became an Internet meme. But was it actually a WARNING?

Six minutes after midnight (EDT) on May 31, 2017, Trump tweeted, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”. He deleted the tweet six hours later and implied that its wording was intentional. Most media outlets presumed that he had meant to type “coverage”. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer stated, “I think the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant.” The term has since been widely used in internet memes and merchandise, and inspires both popular-level and scholarly analysis of language and messaging by the Trump administration.

But what if the former President was actually trying to warn Americans in 2017, what he found out would be coming in the future: COVID?

COV is widely used as  an abbreviation for COVID,  the CO (corona) Vi (virus) D (disease) which sprang up and impacted the world in the year 2019.

Fe“, as many of you may recall from High School Physics class, is the abbreviation for Iron.

Wikipedia confirms Iron is a chemical element with symbol Fe

After receiving the COVID Vaccine, many people have noted that magnets stick to the injection sight of their arms.

Magnets would only adhere to something metallic, and there is Iron in human blood.

Speculation is now taking place that the so-called COVID Vaccines, with the DNA-altering messenger RNA, might be causing human blood cells to shed their iron, or may be altering our body DNA to cause the accumulation of iron for some unknown purpose.

An accumulation of iron would provide a material inside a human body that a magnet could be attracted to.

So, was Trump’s Covfefe a typo as originally claimed, or was it a warning that COV (COVID) would disrupt iron (Fe) in our bodies?  


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