QUACKERY! Odessa Medical Center Hospital, Texas, Puts Plastic Bag over 17 Year Old COVID Patient

The literal Quackery of certain Medical people over the COVID situation, is becoming both disgusting and dangerous.  Odessa Medical Center Hospital in Texas,  placed a plastic bag labelled “Equipment Cover” over the head of a 17 year old COVID Patient because she removed her mask upon having difficulty breathing.

The 17 year old young lady pictured above went to the emergency room in Odessa, COVID positive, because she couldn’t breath.  A paper surgical-type mask was given to her upon entry to hospital.

The girl’s mother said that the girl complained she couldn’t breathe well with the mask and took off the mask, breathed, then put the mask back on.

When hospital staff saw this, the girl was humiliated and dehumanized by the staff.

Hospital staff took a large plastic bag, labelled “Equipment Cover” and put it over the girl’s head!

Aside from the warning on the bag not to place this over your head, as it could cause suffocation, “this is just wrong” says the family.

The bag is labeled equipment cover and has your typical warning on it.

The bag was over her head for roughly 30 minutes and she was instructed to save the bag for future use throughout the hospital.


Odessa Medical Center Hospital clearly has at least one group of Emergency Room staff that appear to be medical Quacks.  This incident seems to be proof of that.

First, the blue medical mask that so many people wear in relation to COVID, does not protect them or anyone else from COVID.   The pores on the mask, at 4 microns, are one hundred times LARGER than the size of the COVID virus which is 0.04 microns in size; the virus goes right through the masks and protects no one.

Using one of these masks to keep out COVID would be like using a chain link fence to try to keep out mosquitoes; it doesn’t work.   The ONLY protection from viruses is a fully encapsulating, positive-air-pressure suit, the kind found in Bio-Labs.   Those are the ONLY gear that provide certifiable protection against virus spread. The use of masks for COVID has been useless from the beginning and the so-called “mask mandates” have never been needed or helpful.

If the hospital staff at Odessa Medical Center Hospital are such medically ignorant people that they do not know this about masks, then the fact that hospital staff were wearing their own masks should have served to “protect” them, shouldn’t they?

If Hospital staff were wearing masks, and were thus “protected” why demand a Patient wear a mask?

But for one of the hospital staff to seek out a plastic equipment bag and place it over the girl’s head is outright medical malpractice. For the other hospital staff to go along with this, seems like rampant Quackery.

There is no medical protocol, anywhere on this planet, which calls for the use of a plastic bag over the head of a living medical patient, for any situation at all.  NONE.  Anywhere on the planet!

It seems to us that this is what medical quackery looks like.   

The Doctors and nurses at Odessa Medical Center Hospital did this. The word Quacks comes to mind.

The general public cannot be faulted if they suddenly believe Odessa Medical Center Hospital cannot be trusted to provide competent medical treatment anymore.

People in and around Odessa Texas are strongly warned against seeking any kind of health care treatment at Odessa Medical Center Hospital which is located at 500 W 4th St, Odessa, TX 79761  unless, of course, Quackery appeals to you. 

This is what the building looks like that you should stay away from:

Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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3 Comments on “QUACKERY! Odessa Medical Center Hospital, Texas, Puts Plastic Bag over 17 Year Old COVID Patient

  1. I had read the interview from the girls mom gave for info wars. Mom explained when she had asked a nurse why does her daughter had to wear a plastic bag over her head…when nurse explained why, mom’s response was “OK”.
    The mother said what?!! OK?!!!!
    Then she went on a show (probably more than just one) & complained!!
    What is wrong with some parents?!! Mom needs a plastic bag put over her head& her daughter say “OK”!!

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