PROPAGANDA Begins for war with Russia in About 48 Hours — British Press Claiming Crimea TORTURE CHAMBERS – Just like Iraq “Throwing Babies Out of Incubators” Back in 1991

A full scale propaganda effort has begun in the British Press to lay the groundwork for war; this time against Russia.  

Globalist propaganda rag “The Sun” newspaper has kicked off the anti-Russian propaganda with:

Torture Dungeons?   “Clamped Penises??  This is war propaganda, pure and simple.  It is akin to what the mass-media did with Saddam Hussein and Iraq when Iraq invaded Kuwait.   The mass-media peddled stories about Iraq Army troops throwing babies out of incubators inside hospitals, killing those babies!  The mass-media talked-up “weapons of mass destruction” being secretly developed inside Iraq.

It was all lies; designed to lay the public relations groundwork for war.

The lies are beginning anew, now, with Russia in the crosshairs; war is on the horizon in as little as FORTY EIGHT HOURS from now (11:30 AM EDT, Saturday, 26 June, 2021)

The reason the British Press has begun this effort is because about 48 hours from now, the gigantic NATO military exercise “Sea Breeze 21” will kick-off with 32 naval warships, 40 aircraft, 5,000 troops in . . . . The Black Sea.

However, as uncovered through covert intel sources, the _real_ plan is to directly confront Russia’s acceptance of Crimea back into Russia territory from Ukraine.

NATO members have never accepted the open, transparent Referendum vote, made by the people of Crimea in 2014, to leave Ukraine and rejoin Russia.

The people of Crimea did that after Europe and the US engineered the forcible overthrow of democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovich, replacing him with a US-EU-Backed puppet-regime, designed to bring Ukraine into NATO.

The reason the EU and USA want Ukraine in NATO is to position US missile defenses inside Ukraine.

Once installed, those missiles will only afford Russia 7 to 10 minutes warning before striking the heart of Russia’s nuclear deterrent, or Moscow itself.

Russia has repeatedly and publicly warned that this is a “red line” for them.   The same way the USA, under then-President John F. Kennedy would not accept then-Soviet missiles in Cuba, with a flight time of only five minutes to Washington, DC, Russia cannot and will not accept US missiles in Ukraine that can do the same thing to Moscow.

Yet the US and EU have been pushing and pushing to bring Ukraine into NATO.  When US and EU efforts escalated to the actual overthrow of Viktor Yanukovich, the people in eastern Russia and Crimea wanted to LEAVE Ukraine because their government was a western-installed fraud.   

Crimea acted first; holding a referendum asking its citizens “Do you want to leave Ukraine and rejoin Russia?”   95% of the citizens voted “Yes.”

After the referendum, the Russia legislature, called the “Duma” passed legislation accepting Crime back into Russia. 

We say “back into” because until 57 years ago, when then-Soviet Leader Nikita Kruschev “gave” Crimea to Ukraine, for the three hundred years prior Crimea was part of Russia.   Historically, it is still known to this day as “Russian Crimea.”

After Crimea voted, two other areas of Ukraine, Luhansk and Donetsk, also wanted to leave.  But Ukraine, seeing the writing on the wall, sent troops to force those two provinces (called  “Oblasts”) to remain in Ukraine.  The fighting on the outskirts of those two Oblasts continues on and off to this very day.

So here we are, seven years after Crimea voluntarily left Ukraine, the US, EU and NATO still refuse to recognize that free vote, and claim that Crimea is part of Ukraine as are the Black Sea waters around Crimea.  This is where the fight is to begin in about 48 hours.

Earlier this week, the British sent a naval Destroyer warship “HMS Defender” into the Black Sea and that vessel deliberately entered the territorial waters around Crimes.   They were warned-off by Russia Coast Guard and naval vessels, which FIRED WARNING SHOTS and even had a plane drop a BOMB ahead of the Destroyer, after the vessel ignored repeated radio warnings.  

At first, the British government lied to the public, denying any incident took place.  But the Russia ministry of defense released video of the event, including SHOT BEING FIRED by the deck gun of a Coast Guard cutter.  Here is that video:

Once the evidence was out, Britain admitted there was an encounter, but lied again saying no shots had been fired, it was a Russia propaganda video.

Then, to the chagrin of the British government, it came out that two days prior, Prime Minister Boris Johnson personally ORDERED HMS Defender to intentionally cross into those waters! 

So the British did it, lied about what they did, claimed no shots were fired and were caught LYING about that, too, and then faced the reality that Boris Johnson had ordered this coming out in public view.   

On June 24 at 7:28 PM eastern US time, this radio show web site published COVERT INTEL to its subscribers revealing there is a “plan-within-a-plan” by NATO, to send numerous naval vessels into the same territorial waters during the upcoming “Sea Breeze 21” NATO exercise in the Black Sea.  This web site was the first news outlet in the world to publish the information!

Today, Saturday June 26, we can confirm that NATO is planning on having several warships cruise right into the waters around Crimea.  They have been explicitly warned by Russia NOT to do this, and also warned those ships may be FIRED UPON if they violate Russian territorial waters.

The US and UK have explicitly replied “those waters are Ukrainian, not Russian.”

So the pieces are in place for what could become the biggest naval battle since Midway in World War 2.

Trouble is, the Black Sea is almost land-locked; there’s only one way in and one way out.  Moreover, Russia borders that sea and its hypersonic missiles can reach every square inch of it.   Our naval vessels will be sitting ducks.

If the leaders of NATO countries order those vessels into the territorial waters of Russia, and a fight erupts, our sailors, airmen, and Marines will be slaughtered . . .  for no valid reason at all. 

This isn’t “defending America” or even “defending our freedom.”  This is suicide.

The people who are deciding whether or not to do this seem to be psychotics; a true danger to themselves and (definitely) to others.   And those likely psychotics, are OUR LEADERS, here in the US and in the EU.

I hate to say this, but we in the West are the bad guys here.   This has “disaster” written all over it.

One can only hope that those in government and the armed forces who are not psychotic, will prevent those who ARE psychotic, from carrying out a mission whose only purpose is to start a shooting war. 

If that means arresting them to stop a unprovoked act of aggression in preservation of world peace, so be it.  But with the PROPAGANDA starting to pour out of the mass-media, like the article cited above (HERE), time is of the essence.  


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