Pentagon UFO Program Leader: Government has “exotic material”, probably taken from aircraft

Luis Elizondo, the former head of the defunct U.S. Army’s Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) research agency, claims the government possesses “exotic material” probably taken from an unidentified object, while Congress is still awaiting a report on “unexplained aerial phenomena.”

Luis Elizondo, who led the Pentagon’s advanced program to identify air threats before it was disbanded in 2012, told Fox that the government had physical evidence related to “elusive entities”, better known as UFOs.”

The United States government has exotic material and I will not say anything more about it,” he said, adding that “more analysis needs to be done.”

Regarding the declassified intelligence briefing expected to be submitted to Congress in June, Elizondo said that the American public would soon find out that UFO sightings were on the government’s radar “for a while” and that he expected the report to be “comprehensive”. However, he expressed concern that the briefing would be intentionally “diluted”, adding that “the last thing we need is more blackouts”.

Although the Pentagon previously claimed that the advanced program for identifying space threats had been disbanded, a Senate report last year showed that the department’s work took place under a different name, deep in the hinterland of the Office of Maritime Intelligence, called the Unidentified Air Phenomena Task Force. That body should “standardize the collection and reporting” of UFO sightings, and that material will be included in the upcoming intelligence briefing.

While running the threat identification program, Elizondo said there were periods when dozens of sightings were reported within weeks, arguing that the Pentagon had not investigated them enough.”

I saw those reports, and there were cases when you would look at the monthly report, and in a period of 30 days, there were 25, 26 incidents. And the real question is: How come you don’t realize this is a problem? “Someone with some technology that we don’t have enters the controlled airspace of the United States regularly and routinely, and no one wants to do anything about it,” he said.

The military has challenged Elizond’s role in the disbanded program, but former Democratic Senator Harry Ryde states that he was the director, claiming that as an MP, he personally helped finance the program with 22 million dollars.

Asked what could happen if the report to Congress is less intriguing than expected, Elizondo suggested that new whistleblowers could appear, claiming that “dozens more whistleblowers are waiting in the shadows to tell their story.” He quoted a recent “60 Minutes” interview with several former naval pilots who talked about “disturbing” and inexplicable sightings while on duty.

A former pilot introduced in the interview, Lieutenant Ryan Graves, claimed that the airmen who were training near the Atlantic coast spotted UFOs “every day for at least a few years” , adding that he considered those facilities a security threat.

The pilot’s new testimony comes after several leaked videos appeared that allegedly show encounters with UFOs, some of which were confirmed by the Ministry of Defense as true. A military spokesman said the latest footage last week was taken by Navy personnel, RT reports .


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