OANN’s Emerald Robinson Says She Knows Real Reason Biden Wants Mandatory Military Vaccines

Emerald’s theory is controversial, but to many, it makes sense..

Do you recall back when Joe Biden was first installed, when he had that huge fence erected at the Capitol, and all of those troops there to “protect” DC?

Most of us can’t forget that absurdity.

At one point, a paranoid and very theatrical Joe Biden wanted all the ‘Trump supporters” checked out – his so-called “fears” were that any MAGA soldiers might turn their guns on him.

Insanity and political theatre – but also, the ramblings of a paranoid man who knows he got where he did by questionable means, and could be “punished” for his dirty deeds?

Well, keep that in mind when I tell you OANN reporter Emerald Robinson’s theory on why Joe Biden is demanding a “mandatory vax” for the Military.

She says it’s not for “health and safety,” it’s actually an old communist trick.

According to Emerald, Joe is trying to Purge MAGA from the military ranks.

Here’s what Emerald said: “The point of enforcing vaccine mandates in the US military is to purge the ranks. This is an old communist tactic.”

Of course, a lot of folks have to take vaccines when they’re in the military, all the time – it’s commonplace, but no vaccine has ever been “politicized” like this one, right?

So, could there be an ulterior motive?

After all, our country has never been so divided on political lines as it is right now.

These are very different times and this is a very different vaccine, which many people would argue is being used and weaponized in ways that we’ve never seen before.

Here’s what some folks online had to say about Emerald’s theory:

“It will be great to have all the warriors available on the homeland”

“That’s exactly what it is and they’re forcing businesses to mandate vaccinations and are also for senior paeans coming in and be vaccinated that way the Europeans will force us to have a vaccination to go to Europe the New World Order communism full-blown”

“Old as the day is long. Nothing new about any of the tactics. agreed.”

“Rigged elections have consequences”

“Well, historically, the military follow orders and have no choice but to submit to being lab rats.”

What do you think of Emerald’s theory?

Do you think this is just another typical military vaccine mandate or something with more layers?

Source: waynedupree.com

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1 Comment on “OANN’s Emerald Robinson Says She Knows Real Reason Biden Wants Mandatory Military Vaccines

  1. You all forget the vaxx contains the chip to control people with if for some the chip is not in this vial it but will be in the next so this is conditioning for it. They want to control the military like puppits.

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