NATO Rift: Germany-Ukraine Incident – Berlin Supports Russian Attack & Evacuates Its Citizens

A serious problem has arisen within NATO as Berlin has become autonomous from the line of the Alliance and the United States, expressing with its moves the view on many levels that “Russia is an extremely important country”.

This incident caused a diplomatic explosion and an incident with Ukraine.

This new attitude of Germany may show that the German government wants to finally solve the Ukrainian problem by partitioning the country… That is why it no longer disagrees or opposes Russia. Berlin stays with the so-called “German part” of Ukraine and gets rid of the eastern pro-Russian part of the country.

German-Ukrainian diplomatic incident

 The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summoned the German ambassador to the country for explanations regarding the recent statements of the German General Staff, expressing “deep” disappointment with the position of the German government.

Earlier, Germany blocked deliveries of German technology weapons to Kiev.

The Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister noted that “Ukraine is grateful to Germany for its support since 2014 as well as for the diplomatic efforts to resolve the Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict.

But Germany’s recent announcements are disappointing and turn against that support.

“Germany encourages Putin by refusing to allow the delivery of German-made weapons to Kiev while undermining NATO unity.”

German A / GEN: We need Russia!

The head of Germany’s navy, Rear Admiral Kai-Achim Senbach, appears in a video stating that Russian President Vladimir Putin “deserves the respect of all” and that “Kiev will never regain the Crimean peninsula.”

The German A / GEN stressed that “we need Russia because we need Russia against China. From my own perspective, I am a very radical Roman Catholic. I believe in God and I believe in Christianity and there we have a Christian country (while China is not). Even Putin is an atheist, but it does not matter.

Does Putin want a small strip of Ukrainian land? Or annex the country. These are idiots. Putin is pushing because he knows he can do it and he is splitting the EU. But what he wants is “respect.”

“What he really wants is respect. And, my God, respecting someone does not cost much, it costs nothing. “It’s easy to give him the respect he wants – and he probably deserves it,” he said, describing Russia as an old and important country.

Senbach acknowledged that Russia’s actions in Ukraine should be addressed, but added that “the Crimean peninsula is lost, it will never be returned, that is a fact.” The common view of Western countries is that the annexation of Crimea by Moscow in 2014 can not be accepted and must be overthrown.

Following the outcry, the Defense Ministry spokesman in Berlin said that Sch Σnbach’s comments did not reflect Germany’s position, either in content or in wording. “Rear Admiral Schμnbach will have the opportunity to express his views,” he told the defense minister.

Schμnbahapo, for his part, apologized for his “raw” statements, which were widely circulated in the German media, and called them “wrong.”

He tweeted that the comments he made in a discussion at an institute in India expressed personal views and not the official position of the German Ministry of Defense.

The German Chancellor refused to go to the United States

The new German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, reportedly rejected Biden’s offer to rush to Washington and meet with him.

The purpose of Biden’s proposal was to “discuss Russian actions near the Ukrainian border.”

The German Chancellor justified himself to T. Biden, saying that he could not visit the United States in the near future as he has “a very busy schedule”.

It is worth noting that CIA Director William Burns paid a surprise visit to Berlin on January 20 before the visit of US Secretary of State A. Blinken.

There, William Burns presented to the German Intelligence Service all the possible scenarios for the further development of events in the Russian-Ukrainian.

At the same time, Bloomberg on January 17 noted that there is a “German problem” within NATO, something that is hotly debated in the White House.

He also noted that ”  Washington doubts Berlin’s readiness to support anti-Russian sanctions and restrictions in the event of an invasion of Ukrainian territory.”

Germany blocks arms transfers to Ukraine

Berlin blocked arms deliveries to Ukraine as it did not grant the required permit to Estonia. We remind you that Estonia wanted to deliver German-made 122 mm D-30 artillery units to Kiev.

The German Minister of Defense, Christine Lambrecht, stressed that Berlin is opposed to the supply of “lethal weapons” to Ukraine.

“The seriousness of the situation requires an immediate review and a change of course by the ruling coalition on the issue of arms deliveries to Ukraine,” said Ukrainian Ambassador to Berlin Andriy Melnik, to receive a response from Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht. in Welt am Sonntag states that “arms deliveries would not help at this time – this is the consensus in the federal government” .

Bild: Plan to evacuate German personnel from Kiev

The German Foreign Ministry is working on a plan to evacuate the families of the employees at the German embassy in Ukraine, the Bild newspaper reported.

Similar actions are being taken by other Western governments, while, according to US media, the families of the employees at the US embassy in Kiev have already been instructed to start their departure from Monday.


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  1. Perhaps Germany realizes the U.S. overthrew the legitimate Ukraine government and threatened Russia’s national security. Hopefully Russia will cause Ukraine to hold valid elections and return Ukraine to the Ukrainian people.

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