NASA Bombshell: ‘Crashed UFO’ Spotted on Mars

A researcher has discovered an image of a crashed flying saucer on the surface of Mars, according to newly resurfaced NASA footage from 2006.

Jean Ward, a South African researcher, was searching through NASA images for noteworthy aberrations when he discovered the mysterious image snapped by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

WATCH: reports: The image comes from the bottom of Candor Chasma, which is a large canyon in the Valles Marineris system on Mars. The canyon is referred to as “The Grand Canyon of Mars,” and spans the equivalent of the U.S. It is the largest known canyon in the solar system.

This footage from NASA captures the canyon’s many swirling patterns of layers, created by sand and dust-sized particles from the forces of either wind or water.

“We see a strange trench and at the end of it, a perfect disk,” Ward says of the anomaly amid the dune-filled landscape. “Mostly covered in sand and debris, and behind it, we have random dunes,” he continued.

“It looks like a disk-shaped craft or object came in at a very low angle and crashed into the surface of Mars leaving this strange behind it,” Ward said, explaining how the possible landing of this object would have created this distinct difference in the landscape.

Ward zoomed on what appeared to be the elevated saucer, estimating the disk was roughly 12-15 meters in diameter, and said, “It looks like a disk that’s partially elevated on one side as it plowed into the surface.”

Ward says in the video that he feels the disk shaped-object could be an oddly shaped dune but says it looks “totally out of place” in comparison to the other structures present in the landscape.

Source: News Punch

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