Moscow: Dead Russian soldier on Ukrainian drone – Poland: “We will host 1 million Ukrainian refugees”

Developments in Ukraine are rapid as, according to Russian state networks, a Ukrainian drone of Turkish origin killed a Russian soldier in Donetsk.

The narrative is slowly being set up: Moscow is talking about a dead Russian soldier and an attempted terrorist act! 

Russian media: “Dead Russian soldier”

A Ukrainian drone attack on the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic was reported shortly after 7 pm on Tuesday, February 1, by the agency Russia Today. According to the agency, a Russian soldier is dead.

“A few hours ago, a Ukrainian drone fired a rocket and one of our soldiers was killed,” a Donetsk spokesman told Russia’s Rossiya-1 TV.

In addition, he stressed that “there is a large number of foreign journalists near the contact line, which allows us to expect new challenges.

According to him, the Ukrainian side is blocking with interventions trying to hide the movement of its weapons and prevent the violations committed daily by Kiev.

Ukraine is launching its own drones and the targets are clear and obvious. “And unfortunately, this is not just a collection of information,”  Pushilin said.

Then he added:

“The Ukrainian General Staff has completed the development of a plan for an offensive operation in the southeastern regions. The situation in Donbass remains tense and tends to escalate further. 

According to him, this week the chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have a military council with the military commanders and the operational and tactical forces North and East.

In the future, this plan must be approved by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. “The intelligence services of the People’s Militia of the PRC continue to record the active actions of the enemy for the creation of strike teams and their preparation for offensive operations,” he concluded.

Donetsk: Terrorist attack by the Ukrainian Services!

At the same time, the Russians are stepping up the provocation scenario as they denounce terrorist activity in Donbas.

“The Donetsk Ministry of State Security, with the assistance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, prevented terrorist activity by the Ukrainian special services.

Earlier, unknown individuals reported a bomb being planted in the administration building of the Kievsky district of Donetsk. Reports of bombs in Donbass have appeared in the past, but have never been confirmed before. Never until now.

Indeed, our security forces located an explosive device in the building of the Kiev administration, which was checked. The explosive device was defused on the spot. It is worth noting that he brought sub-ammunition “ , the announcement concludes.

Donetsk security authorities also released footage from the Kievsky district, where an improvised explosive device was found and defused.

Poland: It will host 1 million Ukrainian refugees!

“Poland expects up to one million Ukrainian refugees at its borders if there is a further invasion of Ukraine by Russia,” Maciej Wąsik, Poland’s first deputy interior minister, told TV Republika.

“If there is a war in Ukraine, we have to take into account the influx of large numbers of refugees, ” Wąsik said.

“People who run from fire, people who run from death, they run from the horrors of war.”

He added that Poland should be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

There are many scenarios. “Maybe more positive or not so radical scenarios will be implemented,” said the deputy minister. Then add:

“We have to be ready for a black scenario and the Interior Ministry has already taken steps to be ready for a wave of even one million people who, under the most radical scenario, could show up on our eastern borders.”

Wąsik said this would include border crossing preparation, medical care, accommodation and meals.

“According to the Geneva Convention, these people will be under the protection of Poland and we will not shirk this responsibility,” he said.

“Where there are refugees, we have to help them – that is international law. Also these are the rules for the coexistence of civilized people, the principles of both European and Christian culture. We will not avoid this and we will not fight against him. “

The minister also urged citizens not to succumb to hysteria and panic.


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