MEDICAL TYRANNY: Doctor Reveals MN Board of Medicine Is Requesting Medical Files of Patients Prescribed Ivermectin

The Minnesota Board of Medical Practice is requesting the medical records of a family physician’s patients to whom he has prescribed ivermectin. This is the fifth time in the past 17 months that Dr. Scott Jensen has been investigated for COVID-related issues.

Two days before Christmas, Dr. Jensen was out shopping with his grandkids and returned home to find a letter from the MN Board of Medical Practice requesting copies of medical records for the most recent 3-5 patients to whom he’s prescribed ivermectin.

Dr. Scott Jensen

The MN Board of Medical Practice reported that it “routinely requests patient records… during investigations”, and that doctors are “required to fully cooperate with a Board investigation”.

Jensen, a former state senator, has publically stated that the board is being “abused by those with a political agenda” since organizations and individuals can submit anonymous complaints to the board who must then conduct an investigation.

Jensen has been investigated for spreading COVID ‘misinformation’, for refusing to get vaccinated, for disputing the science and effectiveness of masks being used to prevent the spread of COVID, for recommending that kids don’t wear masks in school, and for promoting natural immunity, to name a few.

In a radio interview, Jensen said he wouldn’t get the COVID vaccine because he recently had recovered from the virus and had antibodies. Jensen said, “science would not indicate that I should be vaccinated”.

Now, Jensen is being investigated for promoting and prescribing ivermectin to his patients. Despite all these ‘investigations’ being initiated against Jensen, the board has not been able to take any corrective or disciplinary actions against him. Thus far, the board’s actions have only been an attempt to dissuade Jensen from dissenting from the Liberal rhetoric.


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