“Massacre” in the US for Ukraine: “We lost Afghanistan to goat herders with sandals – The Russian army is not a joke”

Fierce political controversy has erupted inside the United States over Ukraine, with Republicans strongly opposing any US troop deployment to Eastern Europe.

The US now has a serious political problem. It is perhaps the first time in US political history that in the midst of the Russia-US / NATO crisis there is no single tight internal front!

Republicans have spoken out against foreign intervention!

This element is extremely important because the Democrats – as everything shows – will lose in the by-elections and their future is uncertain. This is why many US allies are distancing themselves from Biden’s choices.

Republican Sen. Richard Blumenthal openly acknowledged this, expressing concern about the international implications.

“Our allies are watching very closely, looking for signs of division,” he said.

“We lost Afghanistan to shepherds”

“Not a single American soldier should die in Ukraine.

We just lost Afghanistan to some shepherds with sandals.

The Russian army is not a joke.

The same clowns calling for US intervention have stupid orders that have caused losses in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The United States should focus more on domestic issues such as the immigration crisis.

Our borders are open and we are under constant and successful attack. Record numbers of illegal entry into the country are recorded.

” Let us not engage in a military situation that is not in the United States ‘ interest,” said Republican Paul Gossar in the House of Representatives.

Lawmakers such as Matt Rosedale, Lauren Bobbert, Paul Gossard, Thomas Massey and Marjorie Taylor Green have publicly argued that the United States should not confront Russia.

“No to future wars”

Former President Donald Trump Jr.’s son has described as “crazy” reports that Joe Biden plans to send 50,000 troops to bolster Europe’s defenses.

A Kentucky Republican spokesman expressed similar views. Thomas Mars, after writing on Twitter that the US “should not be involved in future wars” in Ukraine, noted:

“Too many people in our government are more interested in the Ukrainian border than in the US border ,” said Massie.

Florida lawmaker Anthony Sabatini, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, also said the “America First” policy should not involve US intervention in Ukraine. Sabatini filed a petition calling on US President Joe Biden not to involve the US in the Ukraine crisis.

“Joe Biden is disappointing the American people. “Please sign my request today to put America first and focus on the American border crisis.”

Source: warnews247.gr

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