Mariupol: Azov Battalion Commander in Russian hands – Attempted to lynch the crowd

The commander of the nationalist Azov Order in Mariupol has been in Russian hands for some time now.

Russian forces managed to capture him alive and take him around the city center before taking him for further interrogation.

During his transfer, a crowd gathered to try to lynch him for the atrocities suffered by dozens of members of his Order.

Residents rushed furiously at him with punches and kicks as soon as they saw that he was now a prisoner.

The Deputy Commander of the 503rd Regiment of Ukrainian Marines, who tried to escape from Mariupol, was also captured with him.

He told Russian military and journalists who had gathered at the site that his unit no longer existed.

The rest I have divided into two small groups and are trying to escape from Mariupol.

Mariupol is permanently lost to Ukraine. There is no longer a hotbed of resistance. That is why the Russians decided to deliver humanitarian aid to the city center despite the fact that it has not been cleared 100%

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New Administrations are created in Hersonissos-Zaporizhia

It is reported that the Russians are creating new administrations in the southern regions of Ukraine.

“Russian television has returned to Kherson and Zaporizhia, which are completely controlled by the Russians. At the same time, new administrations, political and military, are being created, and the ruble is being used as a medium of trade, “ said Crimean Deputy Prime Minister Georgy Muradov.

At the same time, Ukrainian forces and those remaining from the Azov Battalion have been driven out of residential areas in Mariupol and surrounded at the Azovstal plant south of the city on the coast.

“In the area of ​​Mariupol, the arrests of nationalists continue as they try to escape in small groups.

During the interrogation of a captured Ukrainian officer, it became known that out of the 503rd Marine Regiment, about 200 people remained, who were disbanded two days ago to leave the battle zone in the port.

One of the representatives of the Ukrainian administration staff was found among a group of women, wearing a fur coat and a skirt.

Chechen forces enter bases of the Azov Order.

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