Liberal Professor: Sex With ‘Willing’ Children Is Not Wrong, There Are ‘Evolutionary Advantages’ To Pedophilia

Sex with babies as young as 1-year-old is not wrong, according to SUNY Fredonia Professor Stephen Kershnar, who has gone on record stating that he can’t see anything wrong adult males having sexual intercourse with “willing” 12-year-old girls and performing oral sex on babies.

According to Professor Kershnar, who teaches applied ethics at the New York university, there are “evolutionary advantages” to pedophilia that the human race should use to its advantage.

Imagine that an adult male wants to have sex with a 12-year-old girl. Imagine that she’s a willing participant. A very standard, very widely held view is that there’s something deeply wrong about this. It’s wrong independent of it being criminalized,” said Kershnar.

It’s not obvious to me that it’s in fact wrong,” he continued.

I think this is a mistake. And I think exploring that why it’s a mistake will tell us not only things about adult/sex and statutory rape and also fundamental principles of morality.”


The degenerate professor went on to indulge his audience with what we have to assume are sick and twisted fantasies, claiming that there is no minimum age at which pedophilia can be considered wrong.

“The notion that it’s wrong even with a one-year-old is not quite obvious to me,” he claimed.

According to the depraved professor, the idea that pedophilia is wrong because children “can’t understand” sex can be countered by pointing to other activities children participate in but don’t fully understand, such as sports and birthday parties.

The professor then goes on a bizarre and disturbing rant about grandparents performing oral sex on baby boys, adding, “It’s hard to see what would be wrong with it.”

Kershnar went on to claim there were “evolutionary advantages” to sex with young children and that there are a “surprising number of college age males” who are attracted to pre-pubescent children.

So it’s fairly widespread among young men particularly young men in our society,” he claimed.

Disturbingly, this isn’t the first time Kershnar has used his platform as an academic at a top university to spread his pro-pedophilia message.

A resurfaced clip features Kershnar insisting that society’s reaction to pedophilia is what’s wrong, not the act of raping children itself.

The normalisation of pedophilia is a cultural trend that has crept up as society becomes more degenerate and moral relativism takes hold. NewsPunch have been warning against this scourge for years. We must join forces and demand cultural institutions listen to the moral majority and refuse to allow degenerates to poison the impressionable minds of our younger generations.

Source: News Punch

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