Liberal “Karen” Triggered by Patriotic Fireworks on July 4: MUST WATCH

Below is video which PERFECTLY shows the grotesque immaturity and lack of self-control, of Liberals in general, and “Karens” in particular.

Yesterday, America celebrated Independence Day.  It has, for the entire 59 years of my life, included the setting off of fireworks.

I recall as a kid, being able to illegally buy packs of firecrackers, sparklers, cherry bombs, Roman Candles, and even the dreaded M-80 which was said to be the equivalent of a 1/8 stick of Dynamite, although they were certainly the loudest, I never knew if that was true.  

As kids, we reveled in setting off our fireworks for the Fourth of July; it’s almost a right of passage.

As long as we didn’t go on too long, nobody complained.

Not anymore.

Now, America is infested with Liberal Karens who basically lose-their-minds whenever anything takes place they don’t like.

The video below shows what a “Karen” is actually like:

Now, for the record, I am of the personal opinion that there is something mentally wrong with this woman.

She came out and made clear she had already called the cops; so why wasn’t that good enough?  Why the temper tantrum?  The screaming?

In my personal opinion it is because Liberals in general and Karen’s in particular, want what they want — and they want it now. Spoiled brats, the whole lot of them.  Sort of like Veruca in the movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” who makes clear “If don’t get the things I am after, I’m going screeeeeaaaaam!”  as seen in the video clip below:

The video of Veruca seems to fit the liberal Karen in the fireworks video perfectly.

This is what America is descending into; apparent spoiled-brats in adult bodies!


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