JUST IN: Mass Shooting at South Carolina Mall, Several People Reportedly Injured

The Columbia Police Department has confirmed a mass shooting incident inside the Columbiana Centre Mall in South Carolina.

“Columbia Police Department Deputy Chief Melron Kelly said multiple people have been shot at the Columbiana Centre, but there are no fatalities reported,” according to The State newspaper of Columbia.

Shots were fired at Columbiana Centre mall on Harbison Boulevard Saturday, the Columbia Police Department reported at about 2:30 p.m.

People have been injured in the shooting, and officers were evacuating the mall, the department said. The injured people are getting medical attention.

“Some might have been trampled after shots were fired,” Kelly said.

No arrests have been made, and officers are “going store to store and closet to closet searching for someone with a weapon,” Kelly added.

In a statement regarding the shooting, the local police informed the public that shots had been fired and officers were in the process of assessing the scene.

“We have confirmed that people have been injured during the incident—they are receiving medical attention,” Columbia PDSC  later added. “The extent of the injuries unknown at this time. Columbia PDSC officers have been evacuating the mall and getting people to safety.”

Local Fox Carolina reporter Cody Alcorn said that he heard from sources that there are “multiple victims” of the shooting.

The exact number of people injured and the extent of those injuries has not been determined.

This is a developing news story.

Source: welovetrump.com

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