Is Jill Biden staging a little coup?

Kamala Harris’s short tenure in the Veep’s office, in its own way, has been even more disastrous than Biden’s equally short tenure in the Oval office. We all knew Biden would be a bumbling fool, but thanks to the power of the pen and the executive orders the radicals on his staff have been writing, he’s been incredibly effective. In six months, he’s dismantled America’s security, economy, and sanity. Meanwhile, Kamala has failed at the one thing for which she was responsible: Bringing control to the border. Now, some are wondering if that failure was orchestrated in the White House and if Mrs. Jill Biden was responsible.

We know that Kamala’s failed: Not only hasn’t she been near the border but she’s also done nothing to change the border status quo. Now, on her first trip out of the country, she’s been insulted and humiliated wherever she’s gone. She’s appeared unprepared, confused, and stupid. It’s embarrassing for America but equally embarrassing for Kamala. Meanwhile, Joe and Jill are basking in the love of European leaders delighted to deal once again with someone who will send American money their way and ask nothing of them.

National Review’s Jim Geraghty thinks that the White House might be forcing failure on Kamala (who’s an easy mark):

On the latest Editors podcast, I floated the somewhat-tongue-in-cheek theory that Joe Biden has set Kamala Harris up to fail, a passive-aggressive form of revenge for her shivving him in that first Democratic presidential-primary debate.

Back in March, Biden announced Harris would “lead our efforts with Mexico and the Northern Triangle and the countries that help — are going to need help in stemming the movement of so many folks, stemming the migration to our southern border.” He said Harris was “the most qualified person to do it.” She’s actually probably among the least qualified people in the White House to do it, considering almost everyone on the National Security Council has more hands-on experience in international diplomacy and security, and Biden’s domestic team includes Susan Rice. 

Geraghty explains as well that, unless Biden simply reverses his open border policy, there’s nothing Kamala can do except bleat about “root causes.”

Steven Hayward adds his own bit of evidence to the setup:

And more to the point, ever since Vice Presidents started getting assigned specific responsibilities starting probably with V.P George H.W. Bush (whom Reagan delegated running the crisis management process), Dan Quayle (the competitiveness council that studied and reformed regulation), and Al Gore (the “reinventing government” initiative), the projects were given high quality, dedicated staff and a serious portfolio and process to work the issues. There is no sign that Harris’s immigration portfolio has anything comparable to these previous vice presidential initiatives.

Bonchie, at RedState, also thinks that Harris has been set up – and he goes one step further, which is (somewhat tongue in cheek) to point the finger of blame at…Jill. His starting point is that picture of Jill Biden “prepping for the G7”:

Really, just hear me out. We know that Jill Biden is nakedly ambitious at a level we haven’t seen since Hillary Clinton, whose presidential run we are all familiar with. She drug her husband through a deeply uncomfortable 2020 presidential campaign that he was clearly not physically and mentally up for. As president, things have only gotten worse for Joe Biden, yet Jill Biden’s ambition has hardly slowed down. Rather, she’s seemingly put herself ahead of Vice President Kamala Harris when it comes to assignments and publicity.

That leads me to the next aspect of this – Jill Biden hates Kamala Harris. 

In a later post, Bonchie notes what both Hayward and Geraghty had commented upon, which is Harris’s abysmal performance along with the fact that the White House pretty much set her up with failure. He adds:

Meanwhile, Jill Biden is chilling at the G7, rubbing shoulders with royalty and cosplaying as co-president to the glowing reviews of the media. It’s all just too perfect to be a coincidence at this point. I’m convinced – Harris is the fall guy, and she’s being pushed over the cliff by the very administration she serves.

Frankly, none of this Machiavellian manipulation, if proven true, would surprise me. The current administration does not serve America or Americans. Its members serve themselves. In their lust for power (and Chinese wealth), they will do anything, including destroying each other, and they don’t care if they take America done with them.

Source: American Thinker

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