If you thought Nancy Pelosi endorsing Liz Cheney was bad, you’ll love this one…

Nancy Pelosi and much of the Democratic Party have a newfound respect for Liz Cheney as the Republican Party is about to vote her out of her leadership position.

Well now someone else has decided to make a video and endorse Liz Cheney:

OJ Simpson says: “Liz Cheney stands up for the truth. That’s gotten her a lot of heat. She may lose her position in the party. She may even lose her career as a politician. But that is something to be admired. Standing up for the truth. That’s something her father wouldn’t have done.”

It’s almost like Liz Cheney has a cult following on the Left. Democrats are just coming out of the woodwork to pay her homage and endorse her.

Maybe she should try it out and become one of them because they seem to like her a lot more than Republicans do. Ha!

Source: therightscoop.com

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